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Shower room is how the tender, I need a template Oh, that kind of people to give you Oh
Second-generation card is not required to use the identity card, you can go to the police station for temporary identity card. 3 days can be run down, valid for three months.
Shower room closed or good semi-closed
Look at the conditions. Closed must be added ventilation, the board can be closed without ventilation, but the winter warm effect is not good, water vapor everywhere
Bathroom shower room bath, downstairs sewer near the floor of the water seepage, as shown, the most likely cause of urgency, and maintenance methods, extremely grateful
The drain and sewer joints are partially leaking, or the sewer is broken. It is likely that the pipeline is blocked from the water, clean up after the proposed no damage to the case of tiles will be gently knock down the ground down, slowly knocked around the cement, you can see the sewer interface, if it is leaking here, with cement Mix 107 glue backfill can be. After the use of regularly clean up the sewer, because the bath can easily plug the pipeline.
Can the washing machine be placed next to the shower room (partition)?
Of course you can, mainly to see the space enough, my home washing machine directly to the balcony.
What is the size of the shower room?
The request is to enter the shower room when people have to have enough space, can not have the feeling of space constraints; installed screen, then the standard size of the width of 1000-1600, if you want to be wider, then increase the stainless steel or aluminum The width and thickness of the material, the height between 1600-2200, this should be related to the load-bearing and stability of the problem, installed other like a curved / diamond-shaped bath room, then the standard size is generally 900 * 900 or 1000 * 1000, the larger can, that is, non-standard made to do, there are also shaped, are the actual size of the security to do, as long as do not seem too crowded on it.
Shower structure
The shower room is made of tempered glass, pulley or hinge, fixed connection or bracket, ceiling cover and base (simple type not) So according to the function of the whole shower room and simple shower room; according to the style of split angle shower room, a halo bath screen, circular shower room, bath bath screen, etc .; according to the shape of the chassis square, full round, fan, Diamond-shaped shower room, etc .; according to the door structure sliding door, folding door, open the door and so on. The overall shower room features more, the price is higher, generally can not be customized. Compared with the whole shower room, the simple shower room is not "roof", rich style, its basic structure is the bottom basin or artificial stone bottom or natural stone bottom, bottom basin texture of ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, Bottom basin to install plastic or tempered glass shower room, tempered glass doors are ordinary tempered glass, high quality tempered glass, water riveting glass and cloth pattern tempered glass and other materials. Some shower room with blasting gold or sandblasting silver process, the color of luxury. But usually, the number of users who make transparent glass is still the largest number, because the tempered glass surface if you do other treatment, will reduce the glass quality level. In order to reduce the rejection rate, usually the steel plant in the steel can not be all steel, but the use of semi-steel processing, which increases the user's use of the risk.
1, I have 18 shower room, with the floor, intended to use three 16L gas water heater, separate equipment, one by one 6 shower. This will not be cold or hot, not even hot water? 2, if the heating speed hot water heater, the price higher, there is no other way?
In response to this situation, in fact, the market has long been a mature program, but to increase the other accessories, which is mainly to increase a hot water tank, a tank temperature sensor, plus a constant temperature circulating pump. The hot water used by the user is from the hot water stored in the storage tank. ? According to the national standard, the standard water consumption of a shower is at 150L, and you now have 18 shower, so the total maximum water consumption is at 2700L. Approximate storage tank volume = total water consumption × (water temperature - tap water temperature) ÷ (water temperature - tap water temperature) × 70% × 1.3 = 1579.5 approximately equal to 1600L Note: The calculation is usually used, the storage temperature of 60 ℃, tap water temperature of 4 ℃, the actual water temperature of 40 ℃. 70% of the water tank for the effective water consumption, 1.3 for the tank volume factor. ? So you need to choose a 1600 liters above the storage tank, and then according to the equivalent heating power tank, choose how many gas water heater. While the 1600 storage tank, then about 250KW, it is equivalent to the need for seven 16 liters of gas water heater.
Shower room to do when to pay attention to what?
Shower room products in addition to the functional value of the outstanding experience, the most important and most basic core parameters is its safety, in the purchase of a high-quality shower room, the need for major daily shower room maintenance, such as to prevent the impact And sharp objects to fight, to the shower room glass paste explosion-proof film and so on.