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Can be the toilet water to the ground leakage of things
Generally by the slope of the ground naturally flow over
Meaning is the two words, that is a thing?
Floor drain, in the water supply and drainage volume
How to go to the floor of the cement block
First with a knife to the ground leak next to the stickers deducted, remove the floor drain, the ground drain in the stolen goods removed, or directly change the ground to drain, and then use the sealant to drain the leak around the OK on the OK
How does the drain washing machine drain to the floor drain?
Is not the problem of drainage in addition to
How to be fixed
Do not know, you are in which the ground leakage is fixed. When the general floor tiles are fixed with cement. If the floor tiles, I estimate the use of plastic bar, with the same fixed toilet with plastic, glass glue, waterproof better.
Because do not understand the general knowledge, in the hardware store casually purchased a bell-style floor drain, the beginning of the bath when the water can be smooth out, not long, the floor has been completely no water, and this leakage if the replacement of how to replace it?
You can not change the installation of the cement has been used for irrigation, then you have a few brick on the edge of the bad. Suggest that you are cheerful
When the water is not blocked, when the bath, sometimes the water will go down, sometimes not to go, there is water when the lid first raised and then covered, the water will go down; turn off the faucet, and then open, the water will not go The. What is the relationship with what? Is the tank too deep? Stress cause Or buckle too short? Find someone to come! Soy sauce bypass!
Is the tank is too deep, the floor to open the lid to open the mouth of the tank mouth two small gap, and then cover the floor cover, you can normally drain. Pay attention not to get in the end, otherwise the water seal no effect is not deodorant
Bathroom leaks, toilet wash basin flush down, floor drain will take the water up, you can flow down, is very slow? why? Hurry
Sewer water flow, sewer re-install no other way