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How does the faucet of the faucet on the basin disassemble?
With the pliers to clamp the leading water into the water pipe iron counterclockwise turn can be removed (may be a little scale to force point)
I have a single basin faucet. How do I change it into a regular faucet without replacing it?
cut it in half and then serve it to the dogies!
Automatic washing machine inlet pipe can be connected to the basin faucet?
Can be, as long as the addition of a 3-pass plus a washing machine leader
How to remove the hose from the washbasin faucet
First turn off the bottom of the basin two angle valve, cut off the water, and then remove the hose. Remove the two nuts on the inlet of the faucet, under the table, it may be a little trouble. If you still have a pull-type fell into the water, have to pull the rod and fall control lever separately. Now the basin basin faucet is already independent, and gently shake up to mention can be taken down.
Drum washing machine and wash basin how to share a leading
Install a tee at the angle valve of the cold water inlet pipe of the basin faucet
Basin basin faucet and sink faucet with what brand is better?
My home is made of stainless steel sink and faucet, Oh, with five or six years, and feel very good. Mainly easy to clean, the quality did not have problems.
What is the price of the basin faucet?
Which depends on where you buy from the slightly, what is the grade of decoration, luxury decoration to go to the store to buy more than 300, the general decoration with a year or two for the change
Kitchen pots hot and cold faucet water hose connector how to unscrew? Nuts in the deeper position of the valve body, wrenches and stretch does not go, hand screw is not OK, too tight. Is the faucet with the hose connection joints, can only cut? Leading water leakage to change it. What tools are there?
First connect the hose and the angle valve with a wrench. And then move the handle in turn, that is, to screw the direction of rotation, this is the faucet below the nut will be loose, holding a rag, into the pool below, touch the faucet nut, remove the nut, then faucet The whole to open to the.