High Class Quality Brand Mp3 Pc Led Touch Screen Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Nfc

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Product Description of Bluetooth Speaker                                                                                                                                             

   High Class Quality Brand MP3 PC LED Touch Screen Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC 



1, Bluetooth 3.0 touch block, using chip CSR, its advantages are as follows:

     Bluetooth compatibility, good quality  Disadvantages: expensive
     3.0 version of the mainstream version, mature and stable.

     3ms ultra high-speed start, start-up time of less than 3ms Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth version previously criticized places on the starting speed, Bluetooth 2.1 version of the start-up speed takes 6 seconds, while the 4.0 version only requires 3 milliseconds to complete, almost instantaneous connection.

 more secure encryption, a wider range of radiation, Bluetooth 3.0 enabled 128-bit AES encryption completely, providing strong encryption and authentication of data packets degrees.

2, low distortion amplifier using Class D digital amplifier (FT-2011M), the advantages of digital amplifier: distortion, small size, high efficiency power amplifier, high reliability, anti-EMI, jamming.

3, 16 speakers with high-grade inner magnetic core 3W4Ω speaker, clear treble, bass deeper sounding, it is more comfortable hearing.

4, built-in rechargeable battery using polymer batteries + independent protection board (Polytechnic IC). Reached double protection circuit, more secure and reliable. Full power available for 5-8 hours of continuous music playback, low voltage automatic protection shutdown.

5, built-in microphone, high quality microphone, ultra-low noise through the filter, echo suppression technology to support many simultaneous calls, conference calls, etc.

6, support to cable phone, answer the phone function, double buttons can also be achieved previously re-dial the last pull a phone, convenient and less radiation.

7, multi-touch implementation: on / off, pause / play, pick / reject / re-dial telephone, etc.

8, a 3.5mm jack connection can achieve vintage radios, computers, MP3, etc., and can be used for charging jack, a hole dual-use, simple and convenient. All 5V USB charger and PC computers with Bluetooth stereo can be charged.

9, NFC capabilities, NFC advantages are: rapid induction that pairing with other Bluetooth devices, unlimited fast life. Specific operation, Bluetooth speakers in the off state, the Bluetooth speaker phone indicates "NFC" area 2 cm range, moving back and forth to your phone. When prompted to connect the phone to the Bluetooth device, please click "OK" to achieve connectivity.

Note: Make sure your phone supports NFC feature, simply move back and forth in your phone's NFC Bluetooth speaker sensing area, the connection can be realized



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Q:question about speakers /speaker wire?
Mike - The other thing you need to do is make sure the positive and negative on the extension cable is the same as the existing wire. When you add the wire, just make sure you connect the positive and negative on each end of the added wire to the positives and negatives of the existing wire. The speakers will work either way but if you swap the positive and negative the speakers will be out of phase and the sound will be effected somewhat.
Q:Good car speakers that have bass?
It all comes down to the speaker sizes you have in your car. If you have round ones like 5.25 inch or 6.5 inch speakers go with crossover component speaker set up (small subwoofer cone and tweeter separated.) now if you have some oval size like 6x9 5x7 4x10. Your going to have not difficulty finding so oval shaped one. And if that is the case I would buy some round speaker crossover component speakers ser up and custom mount them to where they will fit. Be warned you most likely have to do modification to make them fit. But if you don't want to take the time to modify anything the get some 2-way or 3-way speakers for the oval ones. May not make a lot of bass in them but it will even out the bass treble and vocals with a set of crossover component speaker system. Good luck my friend. Also added a website that you can use to find something that you think would fit your needs in the source area
Q:Power 2 speakers from 1 output?
By connecting two speakers to the same output, you'll be changing the impedence of the load. This will result in poor quality of the sound with lots of distortion, and possibly damage your receiver. Typically, speaker outputs come in pairs. Which output is not being used?
Q:Replacing speakers in a record?
if truly an antique, then the audio power tube is probably flat. tubes that have been used for a while and then allowed to sit unpowered for a long time become gassy. have you done anything to refurbish the electronics? old tube sets require a lot of maintenance, especially concerning the capacitors. i doubt that there is anything wrong with the speaker.
Q:Help on finding speakers?
Human's can't hear past 20KHz. Most animals with sensitive hearing can't hear past 80KHz. Bat's and marine mammals are about the only species that can hear 100KHz and beyond. None of the speaker manufacturers out there are going to have speakers that output that high a frequency because it would be pure waste. You would probably have to build your own using a piezoelectric tweeter and a bunch of other drivers. If you meant 100dB then that's a different story. That would depend on the speakers sensitivity, power handling capacity and your amplifier's output capability. Klipsch makes some nice outdoor speakers.
Q:Quality white surround sound speakers?
Yes Bose is overpriced, and inferior even compared to MUCH cheaper speakers. Brands? How about anything BUT Bose? Sony, Klipsch, Definitive Technology, Kirkland (yes, Costco's generic brand) Bose does not use a subwoofer. No, they legally cannot call their Bose Bass Unit (or whatever) a subwoofer because it's not a subwoofer. It's an overpriced, over-engineered thing that tries to sound like a subwoofer but fails miserably. Any set of speakers can do window-rattling-loud. Whether or not they can produce clear notes both in the treble and bass regardless of the volume is another matter. My brother-in-law has a high end Bose system, but honestly it just makes noise. You don't hear music or feel the explosions, you just hear loud fuzzy noise. I don't even need to turn the system up very loud to get room thumping bass, and I don't lose the higher end of the spectrum either. Honestly, the receiver doesn't make a lot of difference with regards to the sound. Pick on based on the features and inputs you need. Here, too, Bose falls behind. For $200-300, you can get a entry level receiver with multiple HDMI inputs and a swath of other audio inputs to satisfy most home setups. For speakers, I got a nice set of bookshelf speakers and a 10 subwoofer kit from Definitive Technology for $500. For something from Bose that even has a single HDMI port on it, and their fakey speaker setup, you're at least looking something that costs thousands of dollars, and is essentially a crippled home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) unit with no additional inputs other than one for your iPod (and ONLY your iPod.) I dunno. $1000 for a receiver and non-proprietary speakers that will last me a life time, vs. thousands for inferior speakers which will fall apart after 10 years or so and can only be used with other Bose products (maybe) Yeah, that's a toughie.
Q:Speakers help! PLEASEEEE?
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you are new to surround sound. The rear speakers aren't supposed to play all the time. The purpose of surround sound is not to to give you multiple speakers around the room tha all play the same level of sound, but to give you multiple speakers, all playing sound independently in order to give you a realistic sound experiance. What you should be witnessing is something like this: Center Channel - This speaker is used primarily for dialogue. Almost everything that people say on the TV screen will come from this speaker. Front L and R - These speakers produce most of the sound effects coming from on the screen, such as explosions, doors opening and closing, etc. If you can see the event happening on the television screen, you can bet that your front speakers will be playing those noises. Rear L and R - These speakers are used for off-screen sounds. For instance, if in a movie, a phone rings off in the distance and can't been seen on the TV screen. This is where your rear speakers come in. They are there to help give the sound stage depth. They also usually play the sound track music with the front L and R speakers, since the soundtrack music isn't coming from a specific location. Think of the last time you watched a movie in a movie theater. You didn't hear all of the sound coming from all directions at once. Instead, you heard the actors voices coming from the screen. You heard soundtrack music coming from everywhere. And you heard different sound effects coming from different locations, sometimes from the left, sometimes from the right, sometimes front, and sometimes rear. This is exactly how your home theater speakers should sound. That's actually why they call them home THEATER systems.
Q:dvr help please want to add 2 speakers?
Most DVRs that I have seen do not have power amplifiers, and so cannot take plain speakers. If your DVR (not just the remote, but the DVR itself) has an obvious knob or buttons on the front for Volume, then you may be in luck and can wire speakers directly to some sort of Speaker Out connections on the back panel. But in most cases, you are only going to have outputs labeled Audio Out - L - R or something like that. If this is the case, then you will need either an AV receiver (an amplifier that can drive speakers, but that can also decode things like Dolby 5.1 surround sound) OR you will need powered speakers that include their own built-in amplifier.
Q:Does quality of audio effect speakers?
Your speakers do not know the difference between a signal that is clipped by the amplifier and one that was clipped during the recording process. Clipped is clipped. So if you play it too loud it could damage your speakers. If you connect your speakers to a very tiny amplifier with only a couple watts power and then drive that tiny amplifier into hard clipping, it should not damage speakers of any substantial size and capability. As you increase the size of the amplifier and then drive it to clipping the greater the chance of damaging the speakers. Having a clipped signal going into your nice big amplifier is like turning the volume control into an amplifier size adjustment. The signal is clipped to begin with so it's as though the amplifier is being driven into clipping even when it's not. Increasing the volume is like increasing the size of the amplifier that is being clipped. Eventually it will reach a level that will damage the speakers. mk
Q:The loudspeaker can not adjust the volume.
Step 1: in the Start menu to find all the procedures to start, click the right button to open the short horn after the shortcut can be placed (Figure 1 - open start, the mouse on the start, right click, find open)

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