Portable Wireless Bluetooth Pill Mini Speaker with Nfc

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Product Description:

Product Description

Product Features:

*Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy the charm of music anywhere

*This is modem fashion the appearance of a unique Bluetooth phone hand-free digital audio

*New miniature aluminum diaphragm speaker clear treble bass pure unique design so sound quality performance plus excellent

*Integration of new concepts walkman digital audio connect you MP3/MP4/CD/DVD/IPOD/IPOD/IPHONE/PSP mobile phone computer headset and FM radio function

*Circular design button curved design a variety of colors highlights the modem style so that you own way

*Battery computer USB adapter DC-5 power supply so that you can enjoy anytime anywhere music eliminate worry

*PC USB data download you can change the music anytime anywhere it

Product Specifications:

--Output power: RMS 3W THD=10%

--Frequency response:  150---1800HZ

--FM frequency range:  87.5---108MHZ(+_3DB)

--SNR >  90DB

--Speaker :1.58inches(external diameter 40mm)4 ohm*2

--Storage/download: USB data cable direct download no exothermal card reader

--Bluetooth connection distance > 25M with the hands free function

--Power input: USB power adapter wiring or 5V-1000MA of the AC power adapter

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Pill Mini Speaker with NfcPortable Wireless Bluetooth Pill Mini Speaker with NfcPortable Wireless Bluetooth Pill Mini Speaker with Nfc

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Pink hole is usually a microphone, and blue is (usually) line-in. Black is most likely for a subwoofer, and grey and orange are probably for some kind of surround-sound setup.
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yeah there is a way. My husband does audio installation in his spear time and he has taught me alot there is this thing called a noise reducer that should do the trick and it is cheap and easy to install I hope this helps
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the wireless is only so that cables don't run all over the house from the amp to the speakers. you still need to plug them into the wall to get power. battery operated speakers exist, but they are super weak and the sound isn't loud enough.
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I faced the same problem once. My old car speakers was blown out too. maybe because I cranked the volume too loud. then I bought a really cheap car speakers for RM80 with installation too. they were kenwood speakers. At first, when I tested, the sound came out wonderful. Really sounded brand new. I didn't cranked the volume too loud this time but after 1 week of used. they begin to crackle. I went to the shop and they said I cranked the volume too loud. Dissatified, I drove to my friend's house as he was good in this electronics and gadgetry things. We opened the speakers to have a good look. My friend told me that the kenwood speakers weren't manufactured by kenwood. it is a non branded china made speakers wit kenwood logo glued onto it. Good and pricy branded speakers don't crackle or distort easily. another simptom might be because of poor installation. hehe
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The speakers that have the 3.5 plugs are computer speakers they may have an amp built in and that would harm the radio, if no amp is inside the speaker you can cut the plug off one end and just run bare wire that way but the impedance of the speakers may not match the radio either so you need to find out what impedance the speakers are and the impedance tolerance of the radio.

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