It's when u get two ear piercing and there connected by a tongue ring. So question is where can I get it and how old? I'll be gettin it in Rhode island . Please anwser
Daddy didn't hug you a lot I take it. Are you going to get a tramp stamp too? Remember if ...
Find the demolishing scheme of scaffold
11.2.3 when the scaffold is removed to the lower part of the last long pole height (about ...
How many time was Hester Prynne on the scaffold? why was she on it each time? What about the time when pearl and dimmesdale was on it with her? HELP!!!
She was only on it once officially but there are several appearances in the book....
Room 29 meters outside the wall of the two rows of steel pipe scaffolding installation, demolition, joint protection measures in Wuhan, the price per square is how much money? A friend to help refer to Kazakhstan
When the double row scaffolding longitudinal distance 1.5m, horizontal distance 1.2m, step...
I got my scaffold piercing 6 days ago, with titanium, and it was fine until yesterday.I had a couple of nights out and might have knocked it a few times, but yesterday it was swollen, red, throbbing and very painful. There is no liquid coming from it. It seems to have got worse today.I have been following the aftercare advice and cleaning it several times a day with rock salt solution and (up until yesterday) savlon antiseptic spray. Is it just irritated or is it infected? How long should I wait before I go to the doctor? If it is infected, will I have to take it out or just take antibiotics?Thanks!
It's irritated. If it was infected, it would be oozing green or yellow gunk:) If it gets t...
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