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The Party Tent for sale are available inclear span width of 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 9m, and 10m with all of them having theside height of 2.6m. The Party tents are modular by design and may be increasedor decreased in 3m. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) aremanufactured in 2 channels 82x48x3mm hard pressed extruded aluminum. Thesidewalls and roof covers are manufactured with 850g/m2 PVC-coated polyestertextile flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2. The fabric is available in block-outor translucent.

The Party Tent for sale are available with a complete range of accessories.
Accessories available:
-sidewalls with clear windows
-ground anchors
-weight plate,
-lining, glass wall system,
-door system,
-door units,
-ABS walling system,
-full clear covers and sidewalls
-flooring system
-rain gutters system
-hexagonal and octagonal end bays
-High peak

Latestdesign tent product available--The mini party tent series, which is in twodifferent roof design, one is A frame roof style ( MPT Series), while the otherone is dome roof style(DMPT series), both series tent products are made up ofaluminum profile 71x36x2.5mm, clear span available 3m,4m,5m,6m and 8m,the sideheight is 2.6m and each modular bay section is 3m;

It is improved design on this mini party tent series,different from the old PTseries,it is under tension bar design instead of elastic rope to fix the eaveson the aluminum structure, it looks much more professional and definitely muchstronger than the old design PT series.

Also Various kinds of optional accessories available: cassette flooring system,transparent roof cover and sidewalls, tempered glass wall system, internal rooflining and curtain, weight plate, ground anchors and so on.

This kind of small aluminum tent is easy to set up and dismantle;very popularused for outdoor product show, private gatherings & parties;

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