• GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well System 1
  • GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well System 2
  • GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well System 3
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GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well

Composite Pipes - GRE GRP FRP Fiberglass Pipes for Oil and Geothermal Wells

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Adopted the advanced winding technology,  FRP high-pressure pipe possesses the distinguished properties in the oil-field work and had been used widely in the pipeline and well pipe of oil field.
1 distinguished corruption resistance, long service life.
2 Excellent high temperature resistance which meet the requires of oil extraction and affusion technique completely.
3 Distinguished liquid-flow properties of medium
4 Excellent insulate property, no re-pollution.
5 No dirt, no waxed and is not prone to clogged up and thus reduced the cost of maintenance.
6 Lightness and high strength, expedient method of connection and operation

Diameter: 1-1/2 inches (38mm) to 14 inches (350mm)
Pressure grade: 3.5-24MPa
Length: 30feet



The pipe can be used for sewage treament,oil injection,oil production well  is using electric submersible

pump,gas lift of rod type oil well pump,and chemical water treament pipes or geothermal pipes.It can

also be processed as slotted liner and sieve vessels.

GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well

GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well

Q:What is fiberglass communication tube?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic communication tube is a kind of light, high strength, corrosion resistant and burr free metal pipe. It is mainly used for protecting cables and cables.
Q:Why more and more people choose FRP pipe?
And the price ratio of FRP pipe is not much cheaper, and although the hardness of concrete pipe although FRP pipe to be hard, but the toughness and tensile strength is poor, the pressure is not good, and the cost is expensive, because more and more people use glass steel, and the price is expensive, with longer life.
Q:What's the price of fiberglass reinforced sand pipes?
It must be different. It costs a lot of freight, so I suggest buying it locally. Henan is in Henan.
Q:What kind of epoxy resin and formula do you need for making fiberglass pipe?
By explaining the materials, tools, moulds, renovation and repair, process, structure and various products, the latest development direction, process technology and application of FRP products are described.
Q:What's the difference between glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe and glass fiber reinforced sand pipe? What kind of material is good?
There are two main functions of glass fiber reinforced plastic sand adding, one is to improve the rigidity, the other is to reduce the cost. These two aspects just agree with the municipal, the dosage is large, the pressure is low, and the underground and maintenance are few.
Q:Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe to withstand 1.0MPa pressure, pipe wall to do how much thickness?
Glass tube wall thickness is generally determined by the manufacturer design, with stereotypes products and sequences, you can choose according to the pressure level.
Q:FRP pipe and 0.7 thick galvanized pipe which cost is low?
Glass steel pipeline, FRP pipe and 0.7 galvanized steel pipe glass steel pipes cost is obviously low, FRP pipe material factory manufacturing costs and labor costs are relatively low, the price is only about the same thickness of galvanized pipe 60-70%, I hope you can help!
Q:Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline to do anti-corrosion?
Glass steel pipe does not need to do anti-corrosion treatment, the material itself is the biggest advantage of corrosion resistance
Q:Would like to ask about the plastic lined steel pipe, steel pipe, glass steel skeleton, the advantages and disadvantages of each ceramic pipe, to know a friend told, very grateful!
FRP corrosion resistance, high strength (afraid of tanks), light quality, easy to install, socket or flange interface, the price is more expensive than cement
Q:What are the posts of glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe and the corresponding occupational hazards and protection?
Glass fiber reinforced mortar pipe lightweight high strength: for the same diameter of the unit length, weight, RPM tube only carbon steel 1/3, cast iron pipe 1/5, prestressed concrete pipe 1/10, easy transport, loading and unloading.

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