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Because my friend wants it done but isn't sure :)
probably 18. depends on your state. look it up or ask them.
What does scaffold one's days mean? kill time?
In 60 years of using English in Britain I have not come across that expression, so it is probably rare. Scaffolding is put up to help build or repair tall buildings, so possibly that expression means 'to do something useful with one's time.' But a scaffold is also, historically, a place of execution (legal killing of prisoner), so the expression could mean indeed 'wasting time'. I have a faint feeling that 'scaffold one's days' was written by a non-native speaker of British English. It may be more common in the USA.
scaffold, where to buy?
heres okorder there are many different sizes and kinds of scaffolding , buy what best suits your needs...
For the current stage of China's construction should not strengthen the specific meaning of scaffolding and support by way of the scaffolding and support the specific distinction and significance
The scaffold is outside the frame, it is characterized by relatively large height, shape, wind load and gravity load is; while the template bracket shape because the concrete component varies, the total height, gravity load, improper placement to lose stability, no need to calculate the wind load, etc..
Okay so I want to get either done, I just want to know which one is more painful. Not felling that nervous because I have had my nose and tongue done. I want to know which one is more painful and how to clean each of them. And also with the lip, is it more like the tongue with what foods you can eat and how hard it is to eat?
The lip is an interesting piercing. The person doing your piercing will clamp you lip, causing a mild discomfort to distract you and guide the needle and ring in, takes less than a minute. Virtually painless, unless your pain threshold is sensitive. Also, if you get a monroe (left upper lip) or madonna (right upper lip), it would vary from a medusa (center middle lip) because that us where the skin is the thickest. Lower lips piercings are about the same. You start of with a longer laret ring for two weeks to compensate for swelling than get a normal one. It is going inside your mouth so be careful how you chew. m Clean the inside of your mouth after every time you eat with a non alcohol mouth rinse or saltwater rinse. As for the outside take some warm water and non iodized salt and gently twist the labret while using a q tip to gently clean around it.
hi guys i got my scaffold piercing a couple of days ago and it keeps bleeding on and off and there was dry blood but i removed it and its bleeding more what could i do step by step to keep total care of my piercing to get rid of all these problem please help it will really be appreciated
leave the dry blood let it heal be patient
Where can I source scaffolding steel/aluminium planks with rubber end caps?I am having much difficultly finding anything, can you assist?Thank you in advance.
Maybe something like a window washers scafolding planks...?
I got an industrial/scaffold piercing a few months ago and currently have captive bead rings in (The piercer put those in after he pierced it). The piercings are now healed enough for me to change the piercing, and I found an industrial bar on ebay which I'd really like to order. Only problem is, it has two choices on the gauge thickness and length, and I don't know which mine is.The gauge sizes available are 1.2mm (16g) or 1.6mm (14g) , and the length options are 32mm, 35mm, 38mm.Does anyone know which would be the best to get? Thanks.
Please ignore the the bigger the better idea. A longer bar can be as bad in an industrial piercing as a shorter bar can be. It really depends on what size you were pierced with...16g o 14g. Industrial piercings are typically done at 14g, 16g would be too small. The length depends on your really should go to a professional piercer to get the bar put in since your piercings aren't completely healed. That way everything can be 100% sterile and they will be able to fit the proper length of jewelry into your ear.