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Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling per square meter weight is how much?
Light steel keel sub-U-shaped and T-shaped keel and Master and not two people, the weight per unit area (0.1-0.3kg / m2).
Ordinary interior decoration ceiling per square price
Gypsum board plus paint generally 120 yuan, aluminum generally more than 120, about 150 aluminum-plastic plate, plastic buckle about 75 yuan.
Gypsum board ceiling repair mouth size norms?
Size is not required, need to enter the ceiling, then most of the openings in the 500 * 500, do not need the words of 300 * 300 can.
About 75 square meters or so, would like to decorate into a similar effect inside the map, a total of how much money ah (including labor costs and all materials)
Ceiling, then do a good job, to 100 a square, including paint
Why are the roofs of the decoration? Old fear will fall
This worry is unnecessary, and now the ceiling technology is very mature. We have lost the top of the family for decades, no problems!
Can the balcony be made of gypsum board? I heard people say that the balcony with a gypsum board to do the ceiling is not good, is it true?
If not very old and balcony with a lot of water, with gypsum board ceiling no bad, that is not the main balcony is a sewer, especially the old water, there is a kind of funnel, upstairs a large number In the case of water, from the funnel spilled water to bubble gypsum, if it is a new house, no problem, in the anti-water bend on the edge of the maintenance valve on the line, then there is no closed balcony, it is possible There is a rain in the rain, the wet weight is best not to do, the normal indoor can do. hope this helps
Decoration company strongly suggested that with calcium silicate board, said a little bit more expensive than the gypsum board, waterproof fire better than gypsum board, and will not fall off the powder. But I found the Internet, but found that almost no calcium silicate board for the family ceiling, and some calcium silicate board which contains carcinogenic asbestos. And the elderly think that this calcium silicate board, commonly known as cement board, the quality is heavier, hanging on the ceiling always feel insecure, how can I do in the end?
The ceiling is the top of a building interior. In the interior design, the ceiling can be painted, painted landscaping indoor environment and the installation of chandeliers, light pipe, ceiling fan, open skylights, air conditioning, change the effectiveness of indoor lighting and air circulation.
I have recently used gypsum to close a whole between the ceiling and the fireplace's stainless steel pipes. The gypsum comes in contact with the pipes. The pipes, as expected become very hot when the fireplace is lit. I am wondering if the gypsum may have any corrosive effects on the pipes. In the case of damage it will almost be impossible to replace the pipes, but i could possibly remove the gypsum while there is time! Your input much appreciated!
No problem with gypsum or other calcium- based building materials. Stainless is adversely effected by some chlorides so do not wash your stainless utensils with Clorox - bleach like solutions without rinsing them well.