Super Bass Portable Pill Bluetooth Speaker With TF Card USB FM Radio 3 In 1 For Iphone/Samsung/Lg/Htc

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Super Bass Portable pill  bluetooth Speaker with TF card USB FM radio 3 in 1 for iphone samsung LG HTC

1. Bluetooth specification: V2.1 +EDR 

2. Operation Range: Up to 10 Meters

3. Music formats:MP3/WMA/AMR/FLAC/APE/Vorbis etc

4. Built-in rechargeable(lithium-Polymer) battery

5. Recharge time: 3 hours full charg

6. Playing time: 8 hours/ Talk time: 5 hours

7. Built-in Microphone

8. Support Micro SD card input slot up to 32GB

9. FM radio function:FM support automatic station search , and maintain an effective radio with the release to listen

10. U disk function:Connected directly to a PC via a USB cable, when speakers T card as a U disk directly copy songs

11. HD lossless decoding:Special support APE/FLAC the HD lossless file decoding, restore sound is essentially

12. Signal to noise ratio:≥90DB

13. AUX input: 3.5 mm stereo audio input, easily connect notebook/Mobile/Tablet etc widely audio-visul products etc sources.

14. Output Power:45mW/Frequency output: 20Hz-200kHz                                              

15. Accessories: USB cable/3.5mm double audio line


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Q:Multi Room Speaker System?
They are correct you will need a receiver capable of multi room audio.
Q:Help with home speaker set-up?
The rating on the back of the speakers is the wattage, you usually want to have speakers capable of more that the output of the amplifier .Example amplifier 100watt per channel output speaker 100watts of slightly higher 150. The key here is that you never want to overpower a speaker this will cause a lot of stress on the speaker and might even blow the woofer so make sure the watt rating on the speaker is the same or higher as that of the per channel output on the amplifier So in your case see if you can find an amplifier to output at lease 150 watts per channel as you don't want to under power the speakers, so look for a amplifier in the range of 150watt per channel minimum and 200 watt per channel maximum Too much power for the speaker Loud, overworked and damaged Under powering a speaker Never hear the all potential and may sound muffled or quiet Hope i could help!
Q:What is the working principle of the loudspeaker?
3. This type of speaker in the continuous improvement, decades of speaker development history, is the speaker design, technology, materials, continuous improvement of history, but also the performance of the history of the times.
Q:1994 Mazda 626 rear speaker problem?
Speakers don't connect to a fuse like amp. Your speaker needs to be replace. Factory speaker are not that good, replace them with name brands like JLB, Infinity, Alpine just to name a few.
Q:Speaker & Receiver compatibility?
The other answer notwithstanding; it won't make any difference. If you are replacing 6 ohm speakers with 8, that is a minuscule difference, and actually will make the receiver work easier. Speaker impedances are NOT consistent; they vary (with frequency) from less than 1/2 the rating to 3 times the rating. That is why they say Nominal impedance. You may need to correct levels, which your receiver may or may not have the ability to do. Check to see if there is a level set-up in the menu of the receiver. Other than that, you will be fine. You shouldn't go lower in ohms (say, a 4 ohm set) than the speakers supplied with the unit, although it may or may not bother the receiver because of that pesky variable impedance that all speakers have Good luck!
Q:What are channel speakers?
The speakers or the box should definitely state if they are wireless. The term channel could mean several things, as in left or right stereo channel or it could be a model name or the brand name. A wireless speaker will need a power cord on it. This is to power the wireless receiver and amplifier to make the speaker work. It will not need (but I suppose it could have) any audio connections on it.
Q:what is a center speaker?
In terms of a surround sound system, the center speaker is usually located directly in front of the viewer, under the TV screen. The audio signal going to the center speaker is limited to the mid-range, primarily voices and such, while your booming bass would be sent to subwoofer with four other speakers (2 front, 2 rear) that carry the remainder of the sound. The center speaker should be magnetically shielded so that it can be placed close to a TV without causing interference.
Q:one of my speakers isnt working?
That speaker is probably blown. If its a new speaker then its defective. When u touch the naked wires together and the other speakers shut off that's normal. That tells me that the speaker is getting power. So It can only be the speaker that is the problem.
Q:what materials do you need to make a speaker?
You okorder
Q:Can you plug speakers into laptops?
Headphones are just tiny speakers, so nothing bad will happen☺

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