Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker
2014 Top Quality 2 (2.0) Channels and Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Computer Use Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, Sdy-019 (TF-0932)2014 Top Quality 2 (2.0) Channels and Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Computer Use Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, Sdy-019 (TF-0932)

1) Support: Bluetooth, TF card,USB, FM Radio,Line in,Alarm clock
2) LCD display show Time, Alarm clock, Line in, FM radio, charging Status, Bluetooth status
3) Support phone redial,  and telephone number reporting function
4) Bluetooth remote control 15-20M
5) It can support music formats: MP3, WMA,WAV, PE,FLAC
6) High sensitivity FM radio with internal antenna.
7) With alarm clock function in on state, you can set the alarm music via USB, TF card.
8) Material: Plastic with rubber oil
9) Built-in Li rechargeable battery 1200mAH
10) Battery can support play time: 2-8hours;  
11) Speaker size: 240*55*61.5 MM
12) Color: Black, White, Red, Blue
13) Support Hand-free when answer calling (with MIC)
14) Auto Voice Prompt power on/off and Bluetooth is connected and disconnected
15) Appearance design Patent No.:ZL-201430007937.2

Packing details:

1xUSB cable
1xAudio line
1xUser manual
paper gift box

Unit giftbox: 290*78*66mm
Qty: 30pcs/CTN
Gross weight: 21.0kg
Net weight: 20.5kg
CTN size: 49X35X31CM
utput/RMS: 5W*2
SNR  ≥90db (line out)
External USB 5V supply  
Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz
Support: MP3, WMA,WAV, PE,FLAC format music
Speaker: Φ45mm 3Ω; 3W*2
Battery : 1200mAh enough
Distortion: 0.3%

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Q:How many speakers in car speakers?
Yes you can. Each car speaker is 4 ohms so you would have to hook all of them up in a series connection in order to avoid an ohm load that is below 8 so the amp doesn't fry. Hook them up like this for a 16 ohm load and you will be safe.
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Q:350 watt speakers to 480 watt speakers?
First, you don't have a receiver that can produce 480 watts/ch. There is no such animal. Even the biggest best most expensive receivers will be lucky to get much over 100 watts/ch all channels driven. I'm talking about receivers costing $2000 ~ $3000. The little cheap ones that claim 100 ~ 150 watts/ch can only do about 30 ~ 40 watts/ch all channels driven. If you have one that claims 480 w/ch then it's probably more like 20 watts/ch. The power rating of the speaker has nothing to do with well much of anything other than being a random number. A proper power rating on a speaker would be a set of complex equations so the manufacturers attempt to rate it with a simple number like 350 watts is just a rough guess under some specific undefined conditions. This rating has nothing to do with what size amplifier you will need to use. The speaker impedance is important, it must not be lower than the amplifier can handle. Most mass market receivers struggle with 4 ohms and simply can't do less than 4 ohms. Make sure the speakers are 4 ohms are greater and don't pay much attention to their power rating. Almost any amplifier can damage a speaker regardless of the relative power ratings. Most speakers are damaged by amplifier clipping which comes from trying to drive the amplifier to higher power than it can provide. Some here will tell you that you will be safe if your amplifier power rating is no more than 80% of the speaker rating but that's about as wrong as wrong can get. You can easily blow a 100 or 200 or even 300 watt speaker with an 80 watt amplifier. The safest condition is to have an amplifier with unlimited power so that it never clips and then just don't turn it up beyond safe limits for the speaker. mk
Q:What is the difference between all the different types of DJ speakers?
Monitor speakers are for your ears only so you can hear what you are doing, loudspeakers are another name for speakers, 2 way speakers are those with a woofer and a tweeter. these are not the most efficient, but they sound good for compact bookshelf speakers. would'nt use them for DJ'ing though, too much distortion at high volumes. PA speakers are Public Address. These are the type found in your high school intercom system, good for voice but lousy for music and terrible with base tones. Hope that helped some.
Q:Does the size matter of the door speakers?
Better quality better sound. Do some research and talk to a few different people before you buy.
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Speaker should work either way. Just be consist ant with all speakers to keep them in phase.
Q:Ibotique water speakers?
I never hear good things about these speakers. People are always complaining they're broken, or asking how to run them in parallel with real speakers because they sound so bad.
Q:Is this speaker loud?
Loudness is relative. Go to a store where you can hear the thing in person.

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