New Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

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1.Bluetooth version:V2.1+EDR
2.Bluetooth transmission power: CLASS2 4dBm
3.Bluetooth working frequency:2.4GHz
4.Charging voltage: DC5V/500mA
5.Working voltage :DC 3.7V
6.Battery capacity:400MA
7.Music playing time:4H
8.Talking time:8H
9.THD: ≤ 0.1% (3.7V/1KHz/1.8W)
10.Signal to Noise Ratio:≥65 db
11.Speaker parameter :4Ω3W 40MM
12.Bluetooth range :10-20m
13.Colour:red ,blue,silver,black,white


1.Metal sense design
2.Portable, hanging portable design
3.Bluetooth wireless audio transmission
4.variety color for choice
5.With phone handsfree
6.Computer small speakers
7.Car bluetooth
8.FM radio
9.Card speakers
10.LED light

New Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED LightNew Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED LightNew Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

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Q:I need help with my speakers!?
It isn't your speakers, it is the source. The music needs to be encoded for 5.1 (this means that it has to have information attached to the different noises that tells it to go to the back right speaker or the front left speaker). Your iPod is only encoded for stereo (left right). As for the computer, you should be able to go to Control PanelSoundsVolume tabAdvanced, in Speaker settings5.1 Surround sound speakers.
Q:Whats the difference in speakers?
sound is good ***
Q:I have big speakers and I need help?
Big is an excessively generic description. Find out the RMS power rating, or, even better, the recommended range of RMS amplifier power for the specific model of speakers you have, then choose an amplifier or receiver with specifications in that range. Beware of cheap speakers that have grossly inflated power ratings: I have a Pyle Pro PADH1079 PA speaker that is supposedly capable of handling 250 W RMS, with a 500 W maximum. In reality, that much power would burn it up in seconds. A more realistic rating would be a tenth of what the manufacturer claims, thus 25 W and 50 W. I have extensively tested this speaker with a good quality 60W amplifier, and found that the speaker begins to produce noticeably distorted sound before the amplifier reaches its clipping point.
Q:Still no sound from my speakers?
Are these internal speakers or external speakers? Are you sure your speakers work? Go to start-control panel and double click on Sounds and Audio Devices Then check if the volume is on. Or double click on the Volume control icon and make sure no output is muted. Speakers have no drivers, but your audio card needs one. make sure your audio card's driver is installed properly.
Q:Best quality speaker cable/ gauge for powerful 6x9 Speakers?
dct dre beats AMAZING
Q:Best Polk amp for these speakers?
Rockford Fosgate Punch 400-Watt Multi-Channel Amplifier is a excellent amp. rockford test's every amp they sell and record the numbers then put them in the box with the amp. The P4004 is rated at 50 watts x 4 at 4 ohms, the one i recieved was shown to put out 93 watts x 4 at 4 ohms. this amp is extremely quiet, you hear nothing when in between songs. the P4004 is combined with an Alpine CDA 9885 reciever, a beautiful combo. the rockford really impressed me, I highly recomend it.
Q:Help with speakers sound?
what is the relation of the speakers, ipod speakers? speakers in a car? speakers in your home? but for starters try to change the speakers you have and put a test one on your amp (whatever the driving force for the speakers) and see if the test speaker do the same, if the same event, check the amp next in line.
Q:Power question for Amp and PA speaker?
it will work but because the amp has more power than the speaker can handle it will blow the speaker if you turn it up much, the speaker should be rated for more or equal to the power output of the amp. the ohm rating of the amp should always be less than or equal to the speaker. 4ohm amp-4ohm or more speaker, 8ohm amp-8ohm or more speaker. never hook a speaker with less ohms than the amps rated ohms or you will blow the amp.8ohm amp + 4ohm speakerblown amp
Q:How do I improve my speakers?
speakers are only as good as whats inside , theyll never be as good as your headphones , buy new speakers
Q:whats the best brand for after market speakers?
This is going to get many answers because i think it's a matter of opinion. Me personally, JL Audio is the best out there for sound quality. It depends on what kind of sound you are looking for and what is in your budget. You may be content with a $50.00-$100.00 set of Pioneer or Sony speakers or you may prefer $500.00+ sound more. Best thing to do is take some trips to shops that sell different brands, ask there opinions, listen to the different brands and repeat until you form your own opinion and find what kind of sound you are looking for.

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