Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Speaker For iPhone 5 4S Samsung PC


powered portable speaker

1.CE & ROHS certification.

2.Manufacturer with reasonable price.

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1.Support any mobile devices with Bluetooth function

2.100% Brand new & high quality with -Retail Packaging

3.Built-in Li-Ion Rechargea

ble Battery for up to 4 hours of playtime

4.Enhanced Bass Resonator with Powerful Sound

5.The Mini speaker is small and light enough to tuck into your bag

6.Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

7.The Mini speaker offers great sound quality with powerful 3 Watt RMS

8.360°omni-directional sound

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Details:

1.There are music files within the TF card into the machine,the speaker automatically switches to the TF card status,start playing TF card music files.

2.Built-in microphone, support hands-free calling function, making calls more secure, more convenient;

3.Built in rechargeable battery , charged by computer via USB interface.


5.White box packing or Color box packing

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Q:Connect Surround Speakers to Front Speakers output on Amplifier?
I strongly recommend that you don't do that. Believe it or not, this is akin to taking the lid off the receiver and reconnecting the wires you find inside - not stable, could ruin your system. However, there may be an easier and better solution. Many surround processors have a mode called PARTY (or some such name, check your manual) that sends full frequency stereo to the rear speakers, and often mono to the center speaker. This should be the effect you are looking for, and when you want to go back to watching a movie you can just change the surround mode!
Q:problem with speaker sound?
Are your speakers muted or the device that feed sound to them muted? Either something is muted, or dead. Try different sources to see what works and what doesn't.
Q:Hooking up Speakers?
Nothing will happen to your TV. Hook up the speakers to your stereo and see if it works without any distortion. (start at low volume - increase volume gradually) There isn't any other way to see if it works, other than trying it out. There is a possibility that you can blow your speakers and/or short out your stereo.
Q:Advice for Surround Sound Speakers?
You can find ceiling speakers at Part express that are reasonably priced, you need two surround speakers and three front speakers and a sub I would suggest ceiling speakers only for the surrounds in wall or bookshelf speakers for the front right and left you are also going to need a center channel speaker and a sub-woofer.
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.
Q:can you replace stock speakers ???
I'm sure marine speakers will fit. Since there is already a hole in your door for your stock speakers, they shouldn't come out too much to where the door panel won't go back on. Find a pair and look for the mounting depth. Make sure its under 4 inches and you will be okay, they will rest flush with the metal panel.
Q:How does the computer's speakers install?
And the game controller "in front of the" + "point to open, in the first line of English letters on the right button, and then point" update the driver ", and then follow the prompts on the operation.
Q:i need the size of 2001 tahoe speaker?
Car speaker fit guide - CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 According to our database, here are the speakers types that go in your CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 car, along with their location: * Rear: unable to determine speaker type * Front door: 6-3/4 * Back door: 5-1/4 * Rear side panel: unable to determine speaker type You can browse our speaker offerings for your CHEVROLET TAHOE 2001 car in the following categories: 5-1/4 Component Systems Common speaker size for many vehicles 5-1/4 Speakers Common speaker size for many vehicles 6-3/4 Speakers Fits in most vehicles 6-1/2 is too small for
Q:my in built speaker of monitor HP vs 15 is not working?
It probably isn't the built in speakers. It's more likely the wire to the computer or the input jack. Try a new wire. If that doesn't help see if you can unscrew the jack itself and check the wires that should be attached. If all else fails try external speakers. Good luck!
Q:Speakers in a mk3 Golf?
If there are speakers in the doors they should be wired up. Remove your door cards and check for speakers/wiring. If you have no speakers then the answer is obvious. If you have speakers but no wiring then you need to run wiring through. If you have both in the door you need to check the wiring at the back of the head unit. If you have everything and it still wont work you need new speakers.

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