High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1. 2014 Newest Colorful LED Wireless Bluetooth speaker with TF card function
2. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, smart-phones & all other Bluetooth media players.
3. Audio in, can connect with any music devices which has a 3.5mm standard port to play music.
4. Change different colors following the rhythm of music.
5. Supporting both in monochrome display and multi-color display.
6. 5 hours continuous music playback time.
7. 7 different colors to choose.


The biggest bright spot of colorful LED wireless Bluetooth speaker lies in its colorful lighting design. It is worth mentioning that itself comes with seven colors (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple) for your choosing. And the lights is not random flashing, but display rhythmic light following the rhythm of music. Whether in Bluetooth mode or AUX IN mode, it can change different colors following the rhythm of music. The speaker can display both in monochrome and multi-color. So you can operate the corresponding button to select your favorite color, and you can also choose the color beating shape, like rainbow, balance, party, calm, or hazy states. 

7-color LED gradually changing wireless speaker 
2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light

High-end bass bluetooth speaker with sleek lightweight features

2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light

2014 High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light


1. Question: What is your product quality?

   Answer: 100% test before shipping ,one year warranty , very few defective rate .

2. Question: Can you put my brand name (logo) on the phone ?

   Answer: Yes, for samples order we can't print logo,if order over 3000pcs , we can do OEM your logo on back cover

    and box ,turn on picture and unlock slide sign , menual all of this with your logo on .

3. Question: which way to ship the goods to me ?

   Answer: By fedex , Dhl for small order ,big order by air or by sea .

4. Question: What payment method do you accept?

   Answer: T/T ,LC and West Union.

5. Question: if the goods has problem ,how to solve it?

  Answer : if goods has problem , it can send back us , we will repair to you


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Q:How does the blue light DVD connect the power amplifier? How do you connect the computer?
And why do you have to connect to the computer? What's the point? You can only connect the monitor to the computer.
Q:Internet TV and set-top box jeco DVD built-in Blu ray Jieke which is good
The selection of boxes should be considered in the following five aspects:A decoding ability: buy boxes used online video or most, unlike satellite broadcast TV network video, its resource structure is more complex, need very powerful decoding ability to play all kinds of video website video resources.Two, there must be broadcast control platform: as a product for video playback, it is particularly important in the video broadcast control platform. Let's see if there are any regular licenses.Three, network reception ability better, when choosing box, try to find storage space, cache ability.Four, customer service service: customer service service is more important, after all, network set-top box also belongs to a technology products, with more components, and built many software failure is lack of good customer service can hardly be avoided, this service will be able to make up the product.Five, the firmware upgrade: finally, a good network set-top box should have periodic firmware update, may have a cycle of people do not understand the firmware update, the update cycle firmware is said a box should not be interrupted a firmware upgrade, current hardware technology has been very mature, but the software still further room for improvement, especially the network set-top box strong compatibility and scalability, can be more realistic by upgrading the firmware.
Q:Which brand of blue light machine is better, please?
OPPO's Blu ray is pretty good, so I suggest you start thinking about it. It has a good reputation and is popular in foreign countries. It has also been dubbed as an almighty player in the palace class. In addition, OPPO Blu ray machine has also been recognized by the global mainstream audio equipment professional evaluation institutions and media, has won many awards, professional is very secure.
Q:Which brand is good for Blu ray player?
The best Blu ray player in the world is OPPO, the second is Japan's Pioneer Co, and the third is Japan's Sony Corp.
Q:Everyone on the computer to see HD, see Blu ray, use what player is good
Support format:Storm images support many formats on the surface. When I first started, almost every video was downloaded, an encoder. If you don't have access to the Internet, you'll be in luck. KMPlayer supports a great deal of video without using video encoders. Almost anything will be on the installation. I feel better.Operational aspects:KMPlayer has a strong video control capability. When you play video, right-click, and there are many functions on it. Some are very professional functions. I'm not sure about the storm video.But one drawback of KMPlayer is that it is not very stable.
Q:What's the meaning of the C /ALL (region) on the Blu ray machine?
Blu ray is an optical drive used to read blue discs. Blue light (Blu ray), or BD 405nm (Blu ray Disc), uses short wavelength blue laser to read and write data and hence its name. The traditional DVD requires light hair with a red laser (650nm) to read or write data. Usually, the shorter the wavelength, the more information can be recorded or read in the unit area. Therefore, Blu ray has greatly improved the storage capacity of the optical disk, and for the optical storage products, Blu ray provides a chance for leaps and bounds.
Q:What's the difference between a blu ray video player and a silent watermark?
This requires two parts of work: a proprietary, hidden audio watermark, and a piece of hardware that is able to detect watermarks. When the audio track of the watermark embedded media is broadcast in the Cinavia detection system, the firmware will detect the watermark and check the device watermark authorization being played. If the device is not authorized, a message is indicated that the media is not playing on the authorized device, and more information is accessed by the user on the Cinaviaweb page. Depending on the device and firmware, once the message is triggered, the audio is muted or broadcast or may stop completely.
Q:The use of Blu ray recorders
My friend, your situation is the direct use of DVD burner to burn it, after all, your disc capacity is only 2--5G, with a blue disc is a waste ah, you want to burn a DVD disc and then to play with DVD, you must first use the software to convert the video files to DVD format with the burning software on a DVD disc player, if you are directly recorded then just file storage Oh, some DVD is not directly read.
Q:What about Blu ray discs being muted?
After 2010, film dealers tried to prevent piracyStart doing some tricks on the tracks to prevent piracyIf your player is produced in mid 2010, or after mid 2010, there is an updated brakeMay have been added to this protective mechanismPS3 has this protection mechanism after version 3.1When your player has support for Cinavia protection, it encounters a movie with CinaviaProtected wordsOn the way to see the film, you will be inexplicably mute (some players will have pictures to warn you)I believe will soon be through the voice to how to deal with the protection from theBut for the moment, if that's the case
Q:Can Blu ray DVD be played on an ordinary DVD?
Ordinary DVD machine can not, PHILPS BDP3000DVD can watch Blu rayThe blue disc blue laser reads and writes data, while the traditional DVD requires light emitting red laser (to read or write data)

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