Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

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Electronic Program Guide System (EPG) Edit Workstation

The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System introduction :

l  The system is in compliance with the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standard, ETS 300 468 standard and GY/Z 174-2001 standard of Specification of Service Information for Digital Television Broadcasting;

l  Sumavision is one of the manufacturers invited to participate in the standard-formulation process of national EPG;

l  With a modular design, the system boasts less maintenance workload;

l  Provided with testing interfaces, the system supports EPG test with TS analyzer;

l  The system is capable of automatic recovery based on real-time surveillance;

l  The flexible SI transmission configuration supports multiple EPG transmission modes;


The Digital Video VisionSky Electronic Program Guide (EPG) System Feature :

l  The unique TS transmitting and EPG updating mechanism ensure a continuous and uniform seamless transmission of PSI/SI Table;

l  Supports all types of SI Tables and descriptors, as well as private tables and descriptors;

l  EPG Information output is achieved through ASI interface or TCP/IP Ethernet interface;

l  Compatible with CHINA-EPG, supports texts and XML files for menu import/export;

l  Equipped with open interfaces for connections with CAS, SMS, Storage and Broadcasting System and Data Broadcasting System and supports multi-frequency NVOD system;

l  Supports presentation of additional information of programs, such as program outline, cast and program comments;

l  Supports classified display function of programs according to channels, broadcasting time and program type;

l  Search programs by key word for speed and convenience;

l  Supports multi–level networking schemes to meet requirements for head-end multi-level networking;

l  Supports digital signature and data dictionary;

l  Supports Mosaic descriptors;

l  Transmission strategy (TSDCN) may be determined by any combination of TS, Service, Day, and Current/Next;

l  Supports real-time extraction of program menu;

l  Supports generation of dynamic EPG;

l  Calibration function of time is provided;

l  International practice is brought in with the use of Unicode; multiple languages and character library classification are supported.


The system consists of the following components:

l  EPG Edit Workstation

l  EPG Review Workstation

l  EPG Broadcasting Server

l  EPG Database Server



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