DRM DTV-Software Delivers via Various Methods

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Video service market is stepping into a new area. Premium content is now the main attraction, content is delivered via various methods, new types of services, such as network video services, OTT, spring up at an increasing rate. In the bi-directional interconnection environment, it became so crucial to business unit, that how to acquire quality content, and delivery it to terminal via secure channel and consumption should be done safely.



With experienced industry experience and R&D strength of digital media security product, Sumavision has delivered StreamGuard DRM, all-service system oriented security platform. In the various application of OTT, VOD, IPTV, network TV, mobile TV, StreamGuard DRM system can provide flexible and efficient unified identity authentication and content protective measures for variety types of service, like real-time, time-shift, VOD download, etc.. StreamGuard DRM helps to build a secure broadcast platform with sophisticated digital rights protect mechanism, realize controlling of audition content, promoting operators’ business growth.

l Content encryption: support live program, VOD, time-shift program, download content
l Authentication management: support online order, off-line order, authentication per view, per certain time period every day, per date period, support domain mode
l Authentication: support flexible terminal authentication mode (software module, USBKey, security chipset), support finer-grained authentication management.

Premium content is now the main attraction, content is delivered via various methods, new types of services, such as network video services, OTT, spring up at an increasing rate. In the bi-directional interconnection environment, it became so crucial to business unit, that how to acquire quality content, and delivery it to terminal via secure channel and consumption should be done safely.


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Q:How can I adjust the output of set-top boxes to 16:9?
Method for converting output of set top box to 16:9:1. Open the set-top box and TV switch and wait for the set-top box to start;2 、 after the set-top box is started, press the "menu" button of the set-top box remote control;3, enter the "menu", and then use the remote control direction key, find "system settings", click the remote control "confirm" button to enter;4, in the "system settings", through the arrow key to find the "display settings", click "OK"";5, in the menu interface will display "4:3", "16:9", "automatic" and so on several modes;3, press the left and right key to select "16:9", and then confirm.
Q:What is a set-top box for?
Set top box, that is, digital video converter box (Set Top Box STB), is usually called set-top box or set-top box. It is a device that connects TV set with external signal source. It can compress the digital signals into television content and show them on the tv. The signals can come from cables, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasting. In addition to the image and sound provided by analog television, the set-top box receives more digital content, including electronic program guide, Internet web page, subtitle and so on. The utility model enables users to watch digital television programs on the existing television set and can carry out interactive digital entertainment, education and commercialization activities through the network.
Q:Haier TV le48a700k how to connect high-definition set-top boxes radio and television
Haier TV le48a700k method for connecting radio and TV set top box:1, first, the cable signal line (white) is connected to the signal input port of the backboard of the set-top box;2 and then connect the set-top boxes and TVs with audio lines and video lines [audio, red and white], video lines (yellow), and corresponding colors.Attached: audio and video cable    If set-top boxes and televisions are high definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the TV and HD set-top box HDMI interface.Attached: high definition multimedia interface line    
Q:There are set-top boxes, AV, TV switch, how do?
There are set-top boxes AV/TV switch, you must first learn the TV set TV/AV set-top box key "AV/TV"".The method for connecting a TV remote controller with a set-top box learning remote controller is as follows:1. Hold down the "SET" button on the top of the learning remote controller (set-top box) for about 2 seconds. Wait until the red light is long and then release the "SET" setting button. At this point, the remote control is on standby;2, press the TV remote control "AV/TV" key, learning remote control indicator light flashes, then press learning remote control learning area "AV/TV" key, then the indicator light will become more light;3, after learning a key, you can choose other keys to learn (e.g., change keys), and so on;4, after learning successfully, press the set-top box remote control to control the TV set.
Q:Digital set-top box remote control off TV
You first find the remote control button for the set-top box (there are two power off buttons on the remote control, one for TV, and one for set-top boxes)When you find it, press it and see if it is bright or not. See if the remote controller is out of power, or this function is not open (the second case is almost nonexistent)If it is bright, click on the flash point of the set-top box (not the TV set)
Q:The position of rural households through the set-top box lid is changed, how to position
If you just change the set-top box position is not required to reposition the pot.
Q:How does Changhong connect to set-top boxes?
Two 、 network set-top box1, the network set-top box and TV boot; 2, connect the network cable network set-top box network, to automatically obtain IP, network connection is successful; 3, with audio and video line line [audio line (red and white), video (yellow line)] color corresponding with set-top boxes with the TV, and connect the set-top box adapter; if the set-top box and TV are HD, also can use the high definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) HDMI interface is connected with the TV and high-definition set-top box.4, after the installation, the TV signal source switch to the set-top box input consistent video signal source; 5, this way, you can watch the normal network movies and tv.
Q:How does set-top box AV transfer DVI?
Yes, you need to buy the adapter, as follows:DVI (Digital Visual Interface[1]), digital video interface. It is 1999 by Silicon Image, Intel (Intel), Compaq (Kang Bai), IBM, HP (HP), NEC, Fujitsu (Fujitsu), composed of DDWG (Digital group Display Working Group, digital display interface) standard launch.
Q:ZTE intelligent set-top boxes b860a system space shortage how to do?
ZTE network set-top box system settings password is generally 4, 0 or 4 9. Password function: 1, you can unlock the password after entering the password, you can check the initial password manual (not corrected). 2, according to the set-top box remote control on the "menu", enter the system settings, find "set password", there is an option "program lock", the program lock to "not enabled" can be. 3, according to the remote set-top box on the "menu", enter the system settings, find the restore factory settings, OK to restore factory settings, and then prompted to search the program, click OK, and then search after the show can normally watch TV.
Q:The set-top boxes are unable to receive signals
Most of the items moved, so that the cable terminal box to the set-top box part of the antenna loose,

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