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i have got a sony memory stick duo adaptor (MSAC-M2) which has a capacity of 1 GB It has a a lot of pictures saved in it.i have a dell inspiron laptop 6400 with 1.73Ghz processor,intel core 2 duo ,a ram of 1024 mb and windows vista.i put the card inside but the laptop won't respond.even when i put it in i can take it out without even pushing it. i can just pull it and it will come this a problem with laptop,card readeror the memory stick.plz help i want to store the pics at any moment
Hello, well it could be that the laptop does not read that memory card. i tried to look it up but they give limited details about the mem card reader. call dell and ask them if the PC is compatible with the memory card you want to use.
I was interested in a card reader for my android. I would like one for a yard sale, craigslist posted ads, payment from friends or family, however it appears that the card readers are only for business owners in which I am not. Just a regular person trying to make quick cash here and there. Could i be misinterpreting the information on these sites? Are there any card readers that you can use personally with no business relations?
Even with a reader, you need a merchant account to accept credit cards. Only a FOOL will consider using a card to pay someone they found on Craigslist or at a yard sale.
i want to know because we have a new computer and we don't want to keep taking the case off
If that Card reader was designed to be mounted inside the computer case (into a floppy bay, for example), then typically it will be designed to be plugged onto the motherboard via one of the USB headers on the board. You will know when you read the packaging, what it requires to work. Some readers come with firewire connections as well, so just be mindful of that.
I just tried putting my memory card from my camera to my memory card reader that is supposed to be able to read all memory cards but i can't find a slot that will fit my memory card.This is the first time i'm trying to put my memory card into my card reader,but i have tried putting my friends memory card from her camera to my card reader and there was a slot that fit.My camera's memory card is a xD-picture and my card reader has 4 slots and it even has a micro adapter for really small cards.My camera model is fe-190.I don't have the usb cable to connect straight to the camera that's why i'm using a card reader.Is there a slot that fits and is it just me that's not putting it properlly.
You can go to your local camera or computer store and purchase a USB cable a xD card reader. They are inexpensive accessories.
I was a bit frazzled when buying my computer because I was in school at the time and so much stuff was going on, or else I would have bogged down those guys with questions. (Lol, I stuck to the generic zillion I usually ask)and was just wondering about that. Alsowhat is a super-multi drive?
A 14-in-1 card reader can read fourteen kinds of memory cards -- those little thumb-sized cards that go into digital cameras and cell phones. This is an easy way to transfer pictures to the computer. Hope that helps
I bought a laptop with an 8 in 1 card reader but the card slot looks like it will only accept SD card. How can I use this with my memory stick? Do I need an adaptor. Or am I missing something?
carefully slide the Memory stick in, but don't force it. My laptop's the same way, but it does read Memory stick pros. usually in the laptop documentation, you'll have the specs on the card reader, which will tell you what all it reads.
I bought a sony memory stick pro duo and a digital card reader and im trying to upload pictures from it on to my computer but i cant seem to figure out how to,am i doing something wrong?
Plug your card into your card reader. If you are using the camera as one, put the card in it and plug it into the computer. It will begin to install the drivers, wait until it says something like your device is installed and ready to use. Then, you are ready to go. You need to go to My Computer either on your desktop or Start---My Computer (or computer in vista) ----then you will see all of your drives there. You should see your Hard drive which usually has the letter C like this C: and you will see your CD drive and anything else that has a storage medium show up there. Click on any of them but the C: drive, and you CD drive (usually drive D:) And it should open and you wont see your pictures, you should see a folder called DCIM or the model of your camera as the name, click on it and there is a chance you may see another folder, if you do just click on it, your pictures will be somewhere in there. Then when you find them, you may either put all of them on your computer by pushing CTRL and A together, this will select all of your pictures, if you only want some, you need to hold the Ctrl button while you are selecting the ones you want, but don't let go of Ctrl, or else it will deselect everything you just selected, except whatever you just clicked on. Then when you are finished selecting, drag and drop them wherever you would like your pictures to be located on your hard drive, I'm guessing your My Pictures folder lol
how do i even know if it takes m2? I don't have the box
You should see the product manual. I have 25 in 1 card reader, but I don't think it supports small cards like M2 or MicroSD. Usually its for different cards from cameras.