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XE-SERIES ELECTRIC SELF-PROPELLED SCISSOR LIFT:To provide you with a flexible mobility,operability.It is unique in carrying capacity and a wide platform that can bring more workers and tool set.Whether indoors or outdoors,can be easily used.Working height from 5m to 16m.

More quieter:All Mantall XE-series adopt high-performance battery power,pollution-free and no emissions,low noise electric pump.It can be used even in the area such as office buildings,hotel,hospital,school and so on.

Flexible operation:Fully proportional joystick control,either lifting or moving.Zero inside turning

radius,allowing users to use in a narrow space.XE-series has two kinds of moving speed to secure move quickly and lift safely.All the XE-series have extended platforms,make the operator to close to the work points more easily and

breakthrough the space obstacles.

Easy maintenance:Fault diagnosis system,make the user can find the point of failure in first time.Dooropen control box and battery box,allows maintenance personnel to close to the maintenance point quicklyand easily.The scissor booms repair bracket let user can overhaul boom system easily without the help  of lifting equipment.


The high strength aluminum alloy mast,making the weight of the machine lighter.The products apply to the users' ground surface cannot afford the heavy machine.The stowed size is small,and some of the models is also equipped with tilting device,can easily through the standard doorways and enter into the elevator.It's Ro-Ro unit device and lever device make the transportation more easier.Dual-control system ensures the safe operation,auxiliary emergency stop system ensures that the equipment can be lowered safely when the power is broken euddenly.Working height from 8m to 14m.


Extraordinary 360 degrees rotation work chassis,precise positioning operation by superior extension ability,off-road function fully consider the complexity of construction site,Diesel power,options for two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.Working height from 20m to 41m.


No blind spots,it's unique extension function let the machine also can be used easily even if in the situation with multi-space obstacles.Auto-leveling,full-time positive traction drive,solid tires,maximum gradeability of 45%,make the equipment apply to the rough terrain.Fully proportional control handles and CAN intelligent control.Working height from 14m to 26m.


Compact design,light weight,quickly up and down and self-propelled,greatly improved its work efficiency.Widely used in Shopping Centre,Supermarket,Warehouse and Industry.

Working height from 5.5m to 8m.


It can safely reach height of 14m.The unique sleeve type can promote the machine's stability to the maximum extent.All built-in lifting mechanism let your maintenance cost lower,and the shape more good looking.High strength aluminum structure,make users enjoy the stability of sleeve type and can be easily transportation.Dual-control system (platform&base).

Working height from 10m to 14m.


With diesel engine,strong power,excellent rough terrain performance,even on the terrible ground also can be used,without the limitation of power source.The machine can be easily through the standard double doorways.XDW series has wide platform to carry multiple operations.Four-wheel drive and 50% gradeability can do well even if in the harsh and complex construction site.Tilt level sensor can ensure the safe operation even if the equipment in the wild.

Working height from 10m to 18m.


It is economic and allows versatile operation by one or two people.Patented mast system features high strength aluminum and heavy-duty lifting chains with a safety factor of greater than 10 to 1.Optional features include rolling-over base,electrical drive,wide frame and DC battery.

Working height from 10m to 18m.

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