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I have acer 5520 laptop and it have 5-in-1 kind card reader slot.I have pro-duo card but laptop card-reader slot is big for it.Please guide/help so that I can use that card reader slot for reading card directly.Thanks in advance,Ajit
well you could go to radioshack and get a cheap memory card reader if the one on your laptop is too big then i dont think itll fit.
I just got the 51-in-1 Card reader/writer CR-75 from Sakar. It comes with a cd to download to your computer and it comes with a USB cord and the six slot thing for a SIM card. Micro SD, SD, MS, XD, and CF. I'm mainly using it for my Micro SD. Well I've downloaded all the steps that were on the disk and it says go to my computers and you will see the Micro SD thing and all the others under the removable disk section which I do see them. But When I click on the Micro SD and try to add something buy just dragging music and dropping it in the folder it says PLEASE INSERT MICRO SD DISK (H:). No clue what I'm doing wrong will someone please help me!?!?!?!?
1. Try to insert your card correctly. 2. Try to format your card (make it as a new). 3. Try to clean card's contacts using rubber eraser. Good luck!
Hi I have a san disk 2.0 GB memory card for my camera,My camera broke because of spilled juice but my memory card is intact. Is there some device i can put my memory card in or connect my memory card to that will transfer my pictures from the memory card to my computer?please help :) I know this may sound like a dumb question to you tech savvy people but i have no idea on this so be nice in your answer please
You need not to worry. You can have a Memory Card Reader USB device. Just insert your card in that device and plug in the device in your PC USB. Then you can easily transfer your files to PC just copy paste
I am in an immediate need of a card reader for Bank of Scotland. I have never used a card reader before. How can I get one? What shall I need?Can you please tell me in detail?
Why don't you ring up their customer service number am sure its a 24 hour a day service and enquire via there, I have one for Barclays bank, and all you need is your card and pin number once you get the reader and its very straightforward to use If am paying a bill using online banking, I sign into barclays online banking, then entering my card number and pressing enter, the card reader then ask for my pin which I enter, then it provides me with an 8 digit number which needs to be entered on the pc screen to complete the sign in process, then I click on the section for paying a bill, enter the amount etc, then with the card reader ask me to reinsert my card into the reader and it then gives simple instructions on what to do next it is so easy to use
i just bought a card reader, do you think the usb flash drive is better? im not sure.
The flash memory gamers have a tendency to be smaller and thinner than the puzzling disk gamers and that i think of the flash gamers are somewhat extra fragile. The flash gamers at this element frequently in basic terms flow as much as approximately 8GB the place through fact the puzzling disks flow as much as 100GB its in basic terms a be counted of what you like i own a 30GB Zune and a 8GB iPod.
i have a sdhc card and i want it to work on my sd card reader how
By replacing the SD card reader with a SDHC card reader. Unfortunately, that's the only way.
I have a FinePix A-345 camera with an XD 128mb picture card. I've been transferring pictures via USB directly from the camera for months with no problems. A couple of months ago, I started using a card reader on occasion and ever since, I've been getting bad spots on the card and have lost numerous pictures and movies. A few days ago, I had a card error in the camera, and couldn't access anything on the camera, or even take new ones. I ended up reformatting the picture card using the camera, and all is well again. I suspect the card reader might be the problem, but I can't find any real information on it, I only have the fact that since I started using the card reader the problems began. Could be coincidence, I guess. Fuji, of course, says I need to bring the camera in for hundreds of dollars in repairs. I doubt it.Since I've reformatted, I fear the card reader. Has anyone had this happen, or know if this is a known issue? Do cards go bad and need reformatting?
I haven't had this problem, but I know that storage media can act up at times and the best solution is to reformat. However you may very well have something wrong with your card reader or even the way your reader is configured. Things can get corrupted for different reasons. My suggestion would be to try another card and see if the problem still exists, or even wait first to see if the problem re-emerges after your reformatting. Sorry I don't have a definite answer for you, but that's how troubleshooting computer errors goes, by process of elimination.
I have an multi interface card reader and then I put the XD-picture card (2GB) to the card reader.Besides, I have already installed the multi interface driver to my desktop. I can read the data fromthe card reader but I can not save the data to the XD card. I mean it acts as a memory stick.Pls help me to figure out the problem. Thanks
to start up with a crd reader is a exterior gadget using wich you could reproduction records style your cellular telephone or from a distinctive computing gadget on on your computing gadgetthere are various style of taking part in cards available looking on your requirement the cardboard area for storing varies from 256 MB to 4 GB.once you insert a card SD card (thats what the cardboard is stated as) on tio the cardboard reader its desplayed interior the my computing gadget window as exterior memory you could flow records out of your computing gadget directly to the cardboard for using later for saving area on your computing gadget and now a days many of the cellular pones have a memory card slot on them to keep archives track etc., so which you additionally can keep track directly to this card from a card reader related on your computing gadget to play on your cellular telephone.Connecting a card reader is straightforward.its a USB connection.Simillar connection as your mouse or your key board has CHEERS!!!