Micro SD TF to Memory Stick MS Pro Duo PSP Card Dual 2 Slot Adapter Converter

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Product Description:

Each pack comes with:

1 x  TF to MS adapter


100% Brand New &High Quality 

1. Holds 2 cards for super large capacity Get maximum storage capacity with 2 microSDHC or 2 microSD cards. CR-5400  converts 2 microSD(HC) cards into one MS Pro Duo stick. You can get twice the  capacity at a lower price.

2. Card types can be mixed Cards of different capacity and different type can be used concurrently (i.e.  microSD+microSDHC).

3. Freedom of expansion and upgrade The adapter works with only one microSDHC card as well. The second slot can be  equipped anytime later. You can exchange the cards and upgrade the max. capacity  at will!

4. Super high read/write speeds of 10MB/s and up CR-5400 is made of high quality components and preserves the original speed of  the inserted microsd(HC) cards(when two different types of microSD(HC) cards are  used, the slower card sets the speed rate) Supports 2 microSD/microSDHC cards.


2 microSD(HC) cards of different capacity can be used. If only 1 microSD(HC) cards is used, it must be inserted into slot#1 in order to  work

When using new microSD(HC) cads, you need to format with a SONY product before  you can store data.

In order to copy or delete data directly, insert CR-5400 in your card reader. Don ’t take out the microSD(HC) cards and perform write operations on the single  card. Your data will be corrupt.

Note 1: Data Transfer can only be done with micro SDHC cards inserted in CR-5400.  Direct PC to micro SDHC card data transfer and then inserting in CR-5400 won’t  work.

Note 2: Re-using your micro SDHC cards for other devices than CR-5400: Should you experience formatting problems (i.e. only half of the original  capacity available), please format concerned micro SDHC card(s) in slot#1 of CR- 5400 (slot#2 must be empty). Do this for every affected card. Now you can re-use  your micro SDHC card(s) in other devices



  • Model : CR-5400

  • OS : Windows Vista XP,2000.Me,98SE,Mac OS 9.2,Mac OS X,linux

  • Support : MicroSD 256MB - 2GB / MicroSDHC 4GB -16GB

  • Speed : Super high read/write speed of 10 MB/s and up

  • Dimension: 32mm x 20mm x 1.6mm(L x W x D)

  • Net weight: 2g

  • Package weight: 11g

  • Color : White


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A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
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A: No but most modern ones do. Older electronics that don't require micro chips don't have to have silicon at all, and their mother boards are made from copper. Silicon is used in micro chips as a semi-conductor in modern electronics but some other semi-metals, like gallium and germanium can also be used. Silicon is just the most common because it is so plentiful.


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Q:Computer not reading my mini card reader?
its a problem with a disk check if its inserted properly
Q:How do I get songs from my computer to a USB Memory Card Reader to put on my phone?!?
hi first put the memory card in the mobile after a min take it out and then put it in thecomputer. open the folder and then there should be a folder called music/sounds. drag and drop your music there. then put the memory card back in your mobile.
Q:Is it true that Tarot Card Readers end up alone in life?
Amazing the stories that people make up. Tarot card readers are single, married, divorced etc. just like everyone else. One does not have anything to do with the other. I am a Tarot reader of 18 years and have not found my finances affected in any way.
Q:DS card reader for computer?
I have the Gameshark DS Gamesaves device. Unfortunately it does not seem to work under Windows Vista. I am getting the Cyclo DS and the EZ 3in1 Flash Plus -- you need both to get your save game (not an elegant solution, but). I got mine from dealwoot dot com. You'll also need a memory card. I got one on OKorder.
Q:How do I fix my card reader/writer ?
Is it a multiple card reader? Like a 5 in one or a 7 in one card reader. If so the different slots you insert the cards to are actually identified as different drives or I/O devices. This is how your Operating System recognizes them. You can rename them, But you can't get it to be recognized as one drive or I/O device. How are you trying to rename them ? You should be able to open My Computer then right click on the device and click on properties. Rename it and click on apply. As long as you do not unplug the card reader from the computer it should retain the name for the device.
Yup it is just another drive really
Q:difference between xd reader writer and memory card reader?
There are very many different formats when it comes to memory cards - the most common on the nokia phones are either the mini SD or micro SD cards - these are just minature versions of SD cards. Fuji film and olympus on a joint venture produced a new card more optimised for cameras this was called the xd card - it is a different size, has different pins and is optimised for use in cameras. At the time it came out it was a new type of memory media with an ultra-compact design with theoretical image storage capacity of up to 8 gigabytes and compatibility with different digital camera brands (that supported this format) The type of memory card you use is dictated by which digital device you are using. These physically different cards are *not* interchangeable, eg sd card pheripheral will not take xd etc (not unless it was made specifically to do so which is very rare). If you have a card reader that will read/write SD cards you will be able to read micro and mini SD cards with the aid of an adapter (which makes the mini and micro sd cards into the same size as a normal sd card and fit into an sd drive. The xd card is physically a different shape - broader, but shorter. You will need a xd drive to read/write to these cards. If your card reader is xd only then it will *not* read SD cards. The Reader actually requires a different slot for the SD card. Get a multicard reader. I found i had a variety of sd cards/mini sd/xd cards/sony stick and compact flash cards between my camera/pda and phone devcies so i bought a multi card reader too - there are many makes around and are very common - these come in many varieties depending on the desired computer interface. The most common type are made for PCs and connect to the USB port. Make sure you buy one with all the different formats you have got then you will be able to use the one reader to read a variety of cards as I do. Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings!
Q:Why can't my computer read my card reader?
You will need to open my computer and look for the removable storage device, double click it and you will see your pics. When you get ready to unplug the card, click the icon in the taskbar to safely remove your card.
Q:Why can not the card reader be formatted?
At this time you choose to start running the input "CMD" (except quotation marks) and then in the open interface, enter "FORMAT H:".
Q:card reader easy question?
Is the card that is inserted locked? Most SD cards have a safety lock so that you can't remove anything from them accidentally. Try taking it out of the reader, and look for a small switch on one side. This can be moved up or down. On one end it might say lock. This is a very, very small switch, and it is somewhat hard to describe! Sorry Hope that helps!

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