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Software Platform Architecture Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Software Platform Architecture supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Software Platform Architecture firm in China.

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*I have a garden shredder. If I wish to dismantle it (say when it jams) I find I cannot unfasten the screws, because they are of a strange type At the lip of the recess in the head the shape is hexagonal but this develops into a hemisphere within a short distance. What is this type of screw called and where to I get the tool which will offer purchase on the screws?
If you are describing an allen head screw that has a bump in the middle of the hole to keep you from inserting a standard allen wrench, these are called tamper proof screws (as the generic name for many different designs). You can purchase a set o bits that cover many of these designs. (typical link below). Making sure you get the right kind and size in a set is the hard part, unless you can find a set at a hardware store. -- Regards, John Popelish
please can you help me i drained the oils out of my sausage power filler and a hobart mincer for going to an other country and I don't know what kind of oil to put back into the machines thanks for any help you can give
DL, You should call the manufacturer and ask their parts department how to do it correctly. See if they can send a mechanic out to fix add the oil. Industrial food equipment is very expensive. You don't want to mess it up.
i wouldn't believe this, but ....whenever my daughter becomes upset...things just stop working. has anyone else seen this phenomina
That's interesting...If it only happened once I might believe it to be a coincidence, but you wrote that it happens whenever (your) daughter becomes upset, so it may be that your daughter has the unusual ability to influence the objects around her with her energy fields. Some people are. Our thoughts and emotions are always manifesting in the universe. Have you ever noticed that if you start off the day with positive thoughts and a sense of purpose, everything tends to head in the right direction? Thinking along the same line, things will tend to go wrong (eg. machinery you need might fail) if you surround yourself with negative thoughts and emotions. If it is true that daughter's energy fields are extremely influential (do unusually good things happen when she is intense happy?), it is likely that that was what caused the machinery to fail.
you choose a activity which you will be chuffed with. Too many adult males pass in without theory, and finally end up rather mad on the gadget. The time they spend finally ends up being a waste. I enjoyed being an ET. As a working laptop or computing gadget gadget Analyst, all and sundry who thinks it rather is not the optimum tech interest is loopy. I wrote code and repaired circuits; so it became engaged on the two hardware and alertness. frequently attempting to establish which factor the subject became on. I later have been given into Intell, and served as a Command Intelligence Officer. Which became additionally cool. i understand numerous Nucs too. rather it rather is all sturdy. I do propose which you communicate subs. On subs your working with a extra useful group of fellows. extra bubbleheads have ranges than you will see on a floor deliver, and your extra inspired to end a level, or 3. additionally your extra inspired to speculate and geared up a portfolio. Bubbleheads are paid extra, and inspired to attend classes on tax-making plans and making an investment. So that's achieveable to come back out at 20 years with distinctive ranges and extremely wealthy. however the main severe factor is to be extremely joyful with your decision.
I'll concede that Micro Machines have been proven. We've all seen the commercial with that fast-talking guy, but nobody has ever been able to talk slowly enough to prove Macro Machines to me.
I'm a machine, you're a machine Everybody that you know You know, they are machines. To keep your engine running you need energy For your high-powered, revved-up body machine. Your high-powered, revved-up body machine. ; )
What kind of job is a mechanic in the end?
Mechanical engineer is a person who works in a mechanical engineering field and has some experience and level. Mechanical engineers are generally divided into three levels, Junior Mechanical Engineer, intermediate mechanical engineer, senior mechanical engineer. The mechanical engineer is usually referred to as the three level of mechanical engineers, mechanical engineers can also refer to the intermediate.
its tough and cheap. cheap always wins.
I have heavy machinery that I want to offer in Vietnam, is ther such a site like ebay or craiglist in Vietnam.
Vietnam is one of the countries listed on Craigslist. I don't know exactly what you're selling but Vietnam isn't in need of heavy equipment.