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Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.Multi-Screen Interactive System is an innovative product wich realizes video display sharing between TV, smartphone, tablet and computer. With the system, TV resource is extended to telecom and internet terminals, increasing the user’s amount by several times. It brings brand new user experience and great potential business opportunity.



l Live Broadcastl Mobile Remote Controll VODl Voice controll Offline Watchingl Social Communicationl Time Shift Watchingl DRMl Program Reviewl Advertisementl Program Guidel User Behavior Analysisl Program Recommendationl Couple screenl Switch Screenl Online Paymentl Share Picture


l Support current mainstream operate system: Android, IOS and WP8
l Bitrate auto-adaption (320*240@400K, 480*360@800K, 640*480@1.2M, 720*576@1.2M, 1280*720@2M)
l Support live broadcast and VOD, and video can be switched between various screens
l Realize TV control via by smartphone, tablet and even human voice, fantastic user experience
l Flexible advertisement delivery, expanding new value-added services
l Sumavision-developed excellent android player kernel, showing perfect smooth videos
l Terminal authentication and copyright protection function
l Modular design, system can be customized to satisfy various project requirement

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Q:TV and network set-top boxes can't connect images
First check, you are using video 1 or video 2, and then use AV conversion, select a corresponding video on the line.
Q:How does TV connect set-top boxes and WiFi?
Connection WiFi, first you have to set your home router, and then open your home TV settings - wireless settings function, search before setting the WiFi signal, enter the password you can connect.The wired white signal line is inserted into the set-top box and is installed:1, the cable of the white signal line connected to the set-top box behind the radio frequency input port, pay attention to, radio frequency input port next to a loop, output is not connected, the manual will usually let you connect.
Q:Digital TV set-top box and LED TV connection problem: set-top box has AV three wire interface
No, because the signal formats are different. The three lines output from the set-top box can only be inserted into the AV interface corresponding to the LED tv.
Q:How do wireless network TV set-top boxes connect to the TV?
1, if it is to buy at the mall are connected by a network, wireless network set-top boxes and cable network set-top box, as long as there is a set-top box network directly connected to TV on the line with the AV cable or line HD set-top box with a wireless network, and wireless router use,
Q:Can digital TV set-top boxes connect the computer screen to screen display?
Yes, digital set-top boxes can connect computers and connect network set-top boxes. Because they all have HDMI interfaces, they can directly connect the set-top boxes of the network to the display of the computer by using HDMI wires:1. Prepare a HDMI line, one end into the HDMI output interface of the set-top box, and the other end into the HDMI input interface of the display.2, open the network set-top box and display, the monitor will show the network set-top box screen.
Q:After the set-top boxes are connected, the TV becomes black and white. How can I get it back?
To adjust the video format, and transfer to TEL should be OK, your TV now format should be PELE, and accompanied by flashing images of the situation
Q:How to use the network set-top box remote controller?
The intuitive method of operation shows the following video (in the video, the left is the set-top box remote control, and the right is the TV remote controller):Special tips: set-top box remote control on the "custom" button, is mainly used to study other buttons on the TV remote, such as buttons, PIP shows the proportion adjustment button and the record button etc.. This design is still very intimate. In addition, if you have made a mistake during the learning settings of the remote control, just reset it according to the steps above.
Q:Why is there no signal after the TV set-top box is switched on?
After the set-top box is installed, the TV shows no signal, because the connection is not correct or the TV is not switched to the corresponding signal source mode.It is recommended that you reconnect and set up in the following ways:1. The digital TV signal line is inserted into the signal input interface of the digital TV set top box. If there is a smart card, the smart card is inserted into the slot of the set-top box;2, the use of AV cable, AV interface plug into TV, AV interface, the other end is inserted into the digital TV set-top box, plug and pay attention to correspond to the color of the interface;3, press the TV/AV button of the remote control, and switch the TV signal source to AV mode to display the picture of the set-top box, indicating that the TV set and the set-top box have been successfully connected;4, then you can use the set-top box remote control operation, the implementation of automatic search table, after the search station is completed, you can begin to watch digital TV programs.
Q:How can set-top boxes receive wireless signals from routers?
1, FM (CAT) users, the telephone line and network security requirements of FM connected, from FM is a network cable to the network set-top box cable socket, and then debug the network set-top box can be, generally choose the Internet mode in the network settings, enter the internet account and password. You can surf the internet.2, a router can connect customers in this way, we must first ensure that the router can be through normal Internet, home computer is connected to the router can connect to the Internet, then the router from a cable, directly inserted into the network set-top box network cable jack, now to set up the network set-top box, the Internet network settings the Internet can be completed automatically to hunt.3, first of all to ensure that routers have been debugged, can work properly. The method is to insert a network cable from the router and insert it into the network socket of the network set-top box. Debug network TV set-top box Internet access, choose fixed IP Internet access, IP can enter the Internet can be completed.
Q:How can the remote controller of the network set-top box match the TV remote controller?
2, two remote control head alignment. 3 、 there is a learning button on the set-top box remote control, click to enter the learning state.

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