Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution

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Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution











SUMAVISION releases new generation mosaic navigation system solution. It has powerful ability to support multi-format HD and SD programs, helping operators to provide value-added services and advertising platform, and also provide users with fast-track program navigation.

Powerful ability, stand-alone device supports up to three sets of Mosaic programs
Single device of Mosaic system supports 36 split screens,single screen can be flexibly combined, one screen max up to 4*5=20 programs
Support MPEG-2, H.264 format of SD and HD programs
Organize program trailer automatically according to the program menu, broadcast advertise file in the program unit
Support set the program unit to the entrance of other value-added and advertising service; make the user easily to get the service page.


1. Provide operator mosaic navigation solutions
2. Provide operator the interfaces of other value-added and advertising service for users
3. Provide operator the way of broadcasting new added advertising



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Q:What does TV set-top box display 13050 mean?
2. Check whether the network parameters in the access mode are correct and ensure the network access is correct;3, if the user is PPPOE access, you can view the set-top box configuration interface network information, to see whether set-top boxes have access to public network IP;4, check whether the user's LAN firewall exists, to ensure that the firewall opened 8080 ports; (this generally occurs in the office network or through the proxy server LAN)
Q:Haier TV le48a700k how to connect high-definition set-top boxes radio and television
Haier TV le48a700k method for connecting radio and TV set top box:1, first, the cable signal line (white) is connected to the signal input port of the backboard of the set-top box;2 and then connect the set-top boxes and TVs with audio lines and video lines [audio, red and white], video lines (yellow), and corresponding colors.Attached: audio and video cable    If set-top boxes and televisions are high definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the TV and HD set-top box HDMI interface.Attached: high definition multimedia interface line    
Q:Gehuayouxian SD installation method of set-top box
3, after the corresponding line is properly connected, you need to check the signal line and audio and video cable is loose;4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, and then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the set-top box input video signal source;5, wait until the automatic search after the program, you will be able to watch TV programs.
Q:Network set-top boxes to how many megabytes of network speed in order to look at the smooth,
1: TV network set-top boxes through the Internet to watch TV, the minimum required 10M bandwidth, to ensure that watching TV flowing.2: Pu Qing TV program data traffic is about 3Mbps/s, high-definition TV program data traffic is more than 8Mbps/s. Coupled with the loss of the network itself and other factors, 10M broadband can easily see high-definition programs.3: network set-top box and set-top box with common optical method, video and audio interface or HDMI interface to connect the TV and Internet set-top boxes, cable or wireless (if the network set-top box with wireless function) to connect the router to complete the connection to Internet TV to.
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
Of course the network set-top box is used to watch televised tejet
Q:What's the two USB interface behind the network TV set top box?
4, enter the system settings interface, to find the wireless network settings, press the confirmation key to enter;5, after entering the wireless network settings interface, open the wireless network connection, search the nearby WiFi signal, find the WiFi signal sent by the home router, click the connection, enter the WiFi password to establish the connection;6, when set-top boxes are successfully connected to WiFi, telecom lPTV set-top boxes can be networked to watch network TV programs.In addition, the USB interface IPTV TV set-top box can connect to a wireless network card in addition to, the general can connect U disk or mobile hard disk and other external storage devices, such as movie files or video files to the U disk, U disk and then connected to the set-top box to play.
Q:After the set-top boxes are connected, the TV becomes black and white. How can I get it back?
4, the TV circuit Xuhan phenomenon.Solution: first to find out the location of weld circuit, after finding the TV weld position, the weld place re welding, the connection will be able to solve the color TV due to the television circuit board becomes the problem of black and white.5. The color has been adjusted to 0.Solution: increase the color value.6, set-top boxes and television connected to the audio and video cable error.Solution: re connect the video line with the corresponding color.
Q:Can Telecom set-top boxes be viewed wirelessly?
Hello:Installing ITV services for telecommunications is out of the reach of routers, and only installing broadband can install routers using wireless networks.
Q:What kinds of set-top boxes are available?
A TV set-top box is a set-top box, if you are two TV sets can also go to the radio and television network company to apply for one side machine business, auxiliary machine every month management fee 10 yuan in general, but you need to buy your own set-top box.
Q:Telecommunications, network television and set-top boxes are connected, but no images?
Now set-top boxes are all kinds of sockets, according to instructions to connect each interface, do not answer the wrong. In addition, there may be user authentication, user information can be entered into the set-top box according to the specification and authenticated by the user.

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