Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution

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Mosaic Navigation DTV-Hardware New Generation Mosaic Navigation System Solution











SUMAVISION releases new generation mosaic navigation system solution. It has powerful ability to support multi-format HD and SD programs, helping operators to provide value-added services and advertising platform, and also provide users with fast-track program navigation.

Powerful ability, stand-alone device supports up to three sets of Mosaic programs
Single device of Mosaic system supports 36 split screens,single screen can be flexibly combined, one screen max up to 4*5=20 programs
Support MPEG-2, H.264 format of SD and HD programs
Organize program trailer automatically according to the program menu, broadcast advertise file in the program unit
Support set the program unit to the entrance of other value-added and advertising service; make the user easily to get the service page.


1. Provide operator mosaic navigation solutions
2. Provide operator the interfaces of other value-added and advertising service for users
3. Provide operator the way of broadcasting new added advertising



Q:What does mobile set-top box 12011 mean?
2, the set-top box conditional access (CA) module of the program authorized some of the exception.
Q:Millet set-top boxes there is no TV broadcast software, how to install?
Millet set-top boxes there is no TV broadcast software, how to install?1, to maintain the millet box and TV has been connected and power on, and millet box wireless network connection is normal and stable.2, to ensure that Android smartphones and millet boxes connected in the same wireless network.
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
If the system is Android can, you can go to the next line can be installed on the APK tejet. But now many of them are directly built in the Czech Republic and Thailand, super nuclear SONE is such.
Q:HUAWEI IPTV set-top box set password
Press the remote settings button, the password is: 8288, set the end, save the password is: 3008
Q:Modern TV set-top boxes to remind the upgrade announcement
Four specific requirements are released after the beginning of 2015 models is the USB installation application; no built-in browser to access the Internet or other means is prohibited; app store push aggregation application software, video website, radio client application software; application of remote prohibited app store or other means to push the remote video indirectly through mobile phone the. This meat has once again been cut to "lose weight" several boxes. Boxes bought by consumers are becoming a fixture in the family today.
Q:Telecom ITV set-top box exception error code is 0007
Telecom broadband users hello dear, thank you for your support of the China Telecom, according to your description, your error code: 0007, because the network access mode of set-top box settings for your mistake, the default is PPPOE mode, need you to fill out the right into the broadband internet account and password, if you are using the Internet router.
Q:Konka TV how to connect set-top boxes?
Dear Konka users:How do you do? Thank you for your support of Konka products! The set-top box can be connected to the input interface of AV TV (TV video interface interface is yellow, red and white is the audio interface or HDMI interface), then after the need to switch to use remote control TV to AV or HDMI, use the remote station search set-top box, specific to the machine as the standard, thank you your advice, I wish you a happy life!
Q:What's the reason for the absence of signals on TV set-top boxes boob?
Two, audio failureAudio frequency faults mainly include AC noise and no sound.AC noise interference mainly in the LCD TV. Because the user is not standard internal grounding technology, this kind of failure. By increasing the filter or removed to ground the user inside the box to solve.No voice is a common phenomenon of digital TV, which is usually caused by the following reasons:1. audio socket damage.2. tone video line damage.3. user watch channel selection error.
Q:Network set-top box network has been disconnected, how is it, how to network?
It's possible that the wireless network is too weak, suggesting wired connections.
Q:Old TCL TV set top box installation tutorial
4, the rear panel with signal input, signal ring out, RCA interface, S- terminals, SPDIF terminals, RS-232 six portsWhen connecting to the RCA connector, the common major problem is on the television:5, the TV RCA port due to a long time without relaxation, resulting in forced insertion of audio and video lotus head joint damage.

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