IPQAM 3.0 NEW Broadcasting-level and High Density IP QAM

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IPQAM 3.0 is a broadcasting-level and high density IP QAM (Edge QAM) Modulator, With high density, un-adjacent frequency, high reliability, high flexibility characteristics, IPQAM 3.0 Using the independent research and development of the algorithm by Sumavision, With the international advanced performance, the product use 1RU chassis structure, modular design concept, it can insert 4 block boards, each interface card has two RF output, Support maximum 192 frequency output. It can be widely used for cable digital television broadcasting and digital television VOD system.



IPQAM 3.0 Using the independent research and development of the algorithm by Sumavision, With the international advanced performance, the product use 1RU chassis structure, modular design concept, it can insert 4 block boards, each interface card has two RF output,



l   High density 1RU chassis; support max 192 frequencies QAM channels

l  un-adjacent frequency, one physical port support 24 frequencies and maximum 750 MHZ bandwidth

l   gigabit Ethernet input, support max 960Mbps data throughput

l   Compatible with ITU-T T.83 Annex A, B, C international standard and DVB-C standard

l   1+1 SFP interface redundancy to ensure high reliability of data reception;

l  Powerful core processing: IP over TS multiplexing, scrambling, PSI / SI processing, modulation        and up-conversion

l  Compatible with DWDM optical fiber network, optional single mode / multimode optical receiver;

l  Agile full-band: 45 ~ 1000MHz;

l  Support various types of VOD server seamless connection;

l  Each card supports 2048 concurrent streams, each frequency can support up to 64 programs, each program with 16 PID processing ability.

l   Redundancy power supply system to strengthen the reliability

l   Module support hot plug, convenient maintenance

l   Low power consumption saving design, single frequency point power consumption is about 1.5W, suitable for large-scale deployment

 IPQAM 3.0 NEW  Broadcasting-level and High Density IP QAM



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