EPON E2-CMTS leading in the Network Transmission Area

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PN8600 adopts the next generation product architecture leading in the network transmission area, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture , not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 serials product support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the key board to achieve 1+1/1:1protection,prevent single point of failure effectively.PN8600 adopts the next generation product architecture leading in the network transmission area, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture , not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 serials product support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the key board to achieve 1+1/1:1protection,prevent single point of failure effectively.


According to the needs of different operators, Topvision supply with medium and small capacity of OLT equipment, PN8603, PN8602 respectively, coordinated with terminal equipment such as ONU/ONT/E2-CMTS equipment to provide complete FTTX access scheme, satisfied the characteristic demand of the users with voice, data, video business needs.

l High speed processing of business: multi-business processing platform, greatly improve the system processing capacity
l Large capacity processing: using 10GE exchange platform, T level backplane capacity
l DBA:support flexible bandwidth allocation and QoS, so as to ensure the quality of service
l High reliability: control and business adopts the double star structure, passive optical network transmission, optical fiber detection, ensure the safety of the network
l Operation and maintenance convenience: no need much maintenance because of passive components used in the system transmission
l XPON compatible platform:system is compatible with EPON、2.5GEPON、10GEPON、GPON、NGPON platform.


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Q:How to install a set-top box?
The set-top box is connected to the TV set and the DVD is connected to the television, and then the card is inserted into the slot, and the closed circuit is plugged into the set-top box. When the TV is switched on, the switch to the AV (food) has an image
Q:Digital TV set-top box and LED TV connection problem: set-top box has AV three wire interface
No, because the signal formats are different. The three lines output from the set-top box can only be inserted into the AV interface corresponding to the LED tv.
Q:Can network set-top boxes be used with projectors?
Yes, I do it a lot. The most suitable for migrant workers. Large, expensive, bulky LCD TV in small rental house not only occupies the place, moving is also very troublesome, accidentally scraped or knocked out. To watch TV, and want to see high-definition large screen movies, the best match is recommended to support the Blu ray 3D LED projector, plus high-definition fast network set-top boxes. Geeks add a little American box together, the price has not yet been a 50 inch LCD TV expensive, but there are 100 inches of effect. With a little stereo, you can easily have a luxury home theater.
Q:How do you record TV programs on HD set-top boxes?
Steps to record TV programs on HD set-top boxes:1, the first mobile hard disk or U disk inserted into the set-top box USB socket 2 and then press the yellow button on the remote control to start recording 3 、 the top left corner of the TV screen prompts the program to be recorded 4, in order to stop the recording program, press the yellow button on the remote control on it, the program playback by remote control on the menu - program management - program recording, select your recording program, press OK to play
Q:Does anyone know the serial number of the cable set top box is that? Where is it?
No, when I get it back, the inside of the set-top box, the inside of the instructions and the outer packing are labeled with numbers..
Q:Old TCL TV set top box installation tutorial
4, the rear panel with signal input, signal ring out, RCA interface, S- terminals, SPDIF terminals, RS-232 six portsWhen connecting to the RCA connector, the common major problem is on the television:5, the TV RCA port due to a long time without relaxation, resulting in forced insertion of audio and video lotus head joint damage.
Q:How does the remote control function of the TV set combine with the remote control function of the set-top box?
Method for setting up remote control function of TV set and remote control function of set-top box:1, operation set-top box remote control: long press the "set" button for about 3 seconds, the prompt light will come on, press the "power" button, the prompt lights flashing, ready to receive the TV remote control signal.2. Operate remote control for TV set. The transmitter infrared transmitter TV remote at the set-top box remote. (the front infrared transmitter is generally located in the remote controller is shaped like a small bulb, but not light), press the power button to the TV remote. At this point, the set-top box remote control lantern will turn on again.(TV remote control)3. Operate the set-top box remote control again. Press the settings button again to complete the function learning settings. The warning lamp goes out, indicating that the set-top box remote control has been finished with the TV remote controller. The set-top box remote controller has learned the power supply function of the TV remote controller.In the same way, the user can according to the above steps on the TV remote control on the "volume +" and "volume" and "AV/TV" of the three key functions of learning.Above is the conversion of the digital TV set-top box and TV remote control method, through such settings, the TV remote controller we can not use the remote controller directly, a set-top box can be fully realized on TV and set-top box control.
Q:The set-top box nine turn how to turn six
Dear users, Hello:Double mode machine switching method DaquanStar 9 live stars, the various brands of dual-mode machine switching methods daquan:1, Sichuan access: in full screen status, press the F1 button, you can achieve automatic conversion system.2, Dakota is 61: press the blue key once, and the red key four times. Ok.3, Keynes dual-mode machine: press F3, and then press up and down around the building, pop-up new menu, ok.4, Samsung digital king and Panasonic Technology Star: press F3 once, and then press red 4 times, ok.5, according to F1, Colin, Kehai: nine, DVB, determine the mode conversion!6, Airet: press blue key channel information - "up, down, left and right", pop up the switching interface, select "yes", you can "DVB-S" and "ABS-S" conversion.7, Airet: press the blue key on the remote control, pop up the channel information, press 4 red keys, ok.8, Gerd Will: press F4- to select Yes, you can convert.7 days, according to F4-: interface pop-up switch, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".10, good: according to the channel information (blue button or F3), then press the 4 red button, you can switch.11: outstanding: according to F2 five, the pop-up switch interface, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".12, general method: menu - channel information, up, down, left, right - OK, automatically from start.Prior to the arrival of the Goethe will transit section method: click the menu, F4, to determineChina Telecom to provide network communication services of the superior quality, the old new machine, net age worth of cash, fast broadband free experience, ultra clear iTV TV, telecommunications activities through direct business inquiries.
Q:What TV set can use a set-top box?
This is what the output with the set-top box, what is the relationship between motor input, if only the AV TV set-top box output, you will need to have the AV input interface, can use what TV set-top boxes, set-top box is what depends on the output, not sure what can be used, what can not be used.Black and white, color and no direct contact, but black and white television because of the old, most do not have AV input port.If the set-top box has a radio frequency output port, it can match any TV set, because any TV must have a radio frequency input port.
Q:Where is the smart card number of the set-top box?
Smart Card: a generic name for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) embedded in microchips. Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card requires data interaction through the reader.

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