D8020 DTV-Hardware Professional Level Receiver

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D8020   DTV-Hardware Professional Level Receiver













Designed to fulfill the market demands of head-end programs decoding and satellites receiving, the standalone device EMR-D8020 is introduced. Sumavision dedicates to deliver price performance balanced, professional level receiver/decoder solution to operators all over the world. Two separate CAM cards can be inserted in charge of satellite receiving and decrypting scrambled signals. It is an ideal device for operators to fulfill the functions like head-end side monitoring, or adapting.

The EMR-D8020 supports stream inputs including DVB-S/S2, ASI, IP and so on, and output support ASI and TS over IP. In addition the decoding output option has HD-SDI, CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI, Analog Audio,AES/EBU Audio and the decoding input function supports FRAME_SYNC. EMR-D8020 is a powerful and easily controlled device, representing  high performance and efficiency. It is a wise choice for operators to build the completed head end system.


● Various Interfaces includes all stream formats (ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP)
● DVB-C/S/S2 (DVB-C, DVB-T, DS3/E3, E1 cards for optional choice) signal input
● Support both MPEG2 & H.264 decoding
● Support MUX selected programs from any input port to any output ports
● Decoding programs from ASI, DVB-S/S2 or IP stream
● Two CAM card slots for satellite receiving module , both DVB-CI and BISS mode supported
● Adapting. Any format of ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP input adapt to ASI, IP output
● Support closed caption & teletext, DVB-Subtitle
● Support FRAME_SYNC, synchronized decoding input
● Dual channel audio decoding (can be extended to 4,6,8 channels audio decoding)


10K511 is a broadcasting-level and high density IP QAM (Edge QAM) Modulator which designed for broadcasting MPEG video over IP networks. It can be applied at any node of the system in the head-end, hub head-end and small area optical trunk network to realize data receiving, routing, multiplexing, scrambling, modulating, up-converting in Gigabit Ethernet for MPEG over IP. It can be widely used for  cable digital television broadcasting and digital television VOD system.

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Q:How do I find the set-top box number?
There is a sticky sticker on the back of a set top box. There is a bar code. There is a number on it. This is the set-top box number.
Q:What is the working principle of digital TV set top box?
In fact, the digital set top box is a transform device that converts digital signals into analog signals.Most of the time we have this kind of doubt. Since the analog signals from TV stations are received, the TV receiver must also be analog signals, so why use digital set-top boxes? Now life, we always hope that their TV can broadcast high-definition TV, from analog TV to high definition digital TV transition, is a leap of transition, can be said that can not be directly compatible, that is to say at present all of the analog TV is not used, so in one step is not realistic. Usually it is: the TV station will first analog signals into digital signals, digital set-top box transfer home after the digital signal into analog signal input to the analog TV now display information, which can effectively avoid interference and lead to loss of TV signal in the transmission process, the TV signal quality has been greatly improved.
Q:How can digital TV set-top boxes connect broadband?
Computer does not need to set PPPOE dial-up can go up? Automatically get IP? If so, then you can buy a route, WAN port received on the cat, set to automatically obtain IP, and then two other computers connected to the router on the internet.
Q:Radio and television WiFi set-top boxes how to connect wireless routing
You'd better go with cable. The set-top boxes of radio and TV are really rotten.. See if there is a cable port behind the set-top box
Q:Is this a set-top box? Is it possible to use Wifi even once?
Can I use the nearby Wifi? Or to have their own home to have broadband to use
Q:Millet TV set-top boxes how to upgrade the system?
Connect to the network, enter the settings, and there's a.. Inside, there's a system update
Q:How to combine TV remote control and digital TV set-top box remote controller
Buy a learning remote control on it, the remote control of the key code values are customizable.
Q:The set-top box nine turn how to turn six
Can change the network box, watch network TV, network smart TV or box, watching video is generally not pay, only need the money of hardware.
Q:Can I use two set top boxes for a TV set?
You can use two set-top boxes at the same time. High definition interface for cable tv. AV audio and video cable for network tv. The television only needs to change the channel to be OK. Hope to adopt the points.
Q:How can the remote control of the set-top box remote with the TV remote control?
Method for connecting TV remote controller of telecommunication set-top box remote controller:1. Hold down the "SET" button on the top of the learning remote controller (set-top box) for about 2 seconds.

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