EMR-D8020 Head-end Program Decoding and Satellite Receiving

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EMR-D8020 Head-end Program Decoding and Satellite Receiving


General Introduction:

Designed to fulfill the market demands of head-end program decoding and satellite receiving, the

standalone device EMR-D8020 is introduced. Sumavision dedicates to deliver price performance balanced, professional level receiver/decoder solution to operators all over the world. Two separated CAM cards can be inserted in charge of satellite receiving and decrypting scrambled signals. It is an ideal device for operators to fulfill the functions like head-end side monitoring, or adapting.



The EMR-D8020 supports stream inputs including DVB-S/S2, ASI, IP, DS3 and so on, and output support ASI and TS over IP. In addition the decoding output option has HD-SDI, CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI, analog audio, AES/EBU audio and the decoding input function support FRAME_SYNC. EMR-D8020 is a powerful and easily controlled device, representing a high performance and efficiency. It is a wise choice for operators to build the completed head-end system.


Features :

● Various Interfaces includes all stream formats (ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP, DS3, etc)

● DVB-C/S/S2 (DVB-C, DVB-T, DS3/E3, E1 cards for option choice) signal input

● Support both MPEG2 & H.264 decoding

● Support MUX selected programs from any input port to any output ports

● Two CAM card slots for satellite receiving module, both DVB-CI and BISS mode supported

● Any format of ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP input adapt to ASI, IP output

● Support closed caption & teletext, DVB-Subtitle

● Support FRAME_SYNC, synchronized decoding input

● Dual channel audio decoding (can be extended to 4, 6, 8 channels audio decoding)


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Q:Household set-top boxes installed why display E06 sorry, unauthorized card
Household set-top box installed E06 card is not sorry, because there is no authorization card, card method:1, press the "menu" button on the remote control, enter the "main menu" interface, select "system settings"";2, enter the password "9999"";3, in the "system settings" interface, select "installation and signal detection" (the default has been selected), press the remote control "confirmation" button two times. Standing in the back of the satellite antenna, satellite antenna for the positive from south to slowly turn the direction of the satellite (suggested that the rotational speed is slower than the speed of the second hand watch). In the process of turning to stare at the TV satellite receiver debugging interface signal strength and signal quality change indication signal turns green when stop action, that has been locked and identify the satellite satellite signal;
Q:How do I restart the set-top box?
The electronic market generally have to sell, 2-5 yuan, if feel trouble can be purchased directly to cable TV set-top box business hall, you bad, you can't fix it yourself, there is no use Dahua phone, you have to find a local Cable Tv Co, Dahua resident maintenance personnel in there.
Q:What does TV set-top box display 13050 mean?
2. Check whether the network parameters in the access mode are correct and ensure the network access is correct;3, if the user is PPPOE access, you can view the set-top box configuration interface network information, to see whether set-top boxes have access to public network IP;4, check whether the user's LAN firewall exists, to ensure that the firewall opened 8080 ports; (this generally occurs in the office network or through the proxy server LAN)
Q:What is a set-top box?
It decodes and decodes digitally compressed images and sound signals, producing analog signals that are transmitted to viewers via television monitors and audio devices.
Q:How can I get a smart card from Changhong's set-top box?
This man, carefully read the instructions, must have detailed explanation.
Q:What does set-top box mean?
The CATV network is developing towards digital, network and industrialization, and finally it has become a broadband integrated information network. The key equipment to provide comprehensive information service based on cable television network broadcast this is a user terminal equipment of digital set-top box (STB), based on the introduction of the digital set-top box definition, function and classification, emphatically introduces the key technology of the digital set-top box.1. Definition of set-top boxesThere is no standard definition for set-top boxes. The traditional version is: "boxes placed on top of a TV set."". It uses cable TV network as transmission platform and uses TV as user terminal to improve the performance of existing TV or increase its function. Because of the different functions and uses, it makes the concept of set-top boxes a little vague, such as the early supplementary channels, set-top boxes, teletext set-top boxes, pay TV set-top boxes and so on.Digital TV set-top box is one of the information appliance, it is a way to let the user in the existing analog TV, watch digital TV programs, electronic products, interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities in the consumer sector.
Q:As TV, can you pick up the set-top boxes at home?
What line does your set-top box use to connect with the TV?Situation 1: if the red and white yellow 3 color lines: red and white, yellow, yellow line, according to the corresponding color, respectively, connect set-top boxes and television interface. Then the signal source is switched to "video" and can be used normally.Two: red green blue white red color line: X60 cannot support 5. S50 and S40, first of all to the RGB cable into the back of Ypbpr interface, then RGB three lines connected with the cable, then red and red lines are connected to the audio interface side corresponding to the audio input. Switch the signal source to the "component" for normal use.Situation three: HDMI line: connect the HDMI wires to the HDMI interface of the set-top box and TV respectively, and pay attention to which one of the HDMI3 interfaces is connected to the tv. Switch to the corresponding signal source.
Q:Where is the smart card number of the set-top box?
Smart Card: a generic name for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) embedded in microchips. Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card requires data interaction through the reader.
Q:How can I adjust the TV for the set-top box remote control?
You need to connect the remote control of the set-top box with the remote control of the TV set before you can control the TV set. The remote general set-top box has the television area, said the remote controller with learning function, remote control, TV and docking can learn, you can use the remote docking set-top box and set-top box and TV control. General docking method is as follows:1 press the settings button of the set-top box remote control for about 2 seconds. Wait until the red light is long and then release the settings button. At this time the remote control is on standby.2, the infrared emitter TV remote controller and a set-top box remote controller, TV remote control, press the standby button, the set-top box remote indicator will flash, then press the set-top box remote learning area of the standby button, the indicating lamp will become constant light, said the top the box has completed the standby button TV remote learning;3, and then you can install the above method of operation, learning TV remote control on other keys, such as volume keys, channel keys, etc..4, all keys to learn successfully, press the set-top box remote control settings button, you can quit the learning state;5, then the user can use the set-top box remote control on the TV button to control the TV, such as press the standby button to enable the TV to enter the standby state, press the volume key to adjust the volume of the TV, etc..
Q:How to connect LCD TV set-top boxes?
Steps for connecting set-top boxes to television:First, the set-top box is connected with the power line and the HDMI high definition line;HDMI HD line, another end of the HDMI interface to the tv;Click on the TV remote control, signal source key, or program source key;In the pop-up signal source, select HDMI, you can display the set-top box model, to watch;Note: must switch to the corresponding HDMI signal, you can display the normal output screen, for example, the mouth is HDMI2, then the TV switch signal source, you must select HDMI2!

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