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Some of the best ground cover plants for rock gardens include creeping thyme, creeping phlox, sedum, moss phlox, and ice plant. These plants are low-growing, can tolerate rocky and dry conditions, and provide beautiful blooms or foliage that add texture and color to the rock garden.
Yes, ground cover plants can be used effectively to prevent soil erosion on hillsides. The dense foliage and extensive root systems of ground cover plants help stabilize the soil, reducing the impact of rainfall and wind erosion. Additionally, these plants help absorb excess water, thereby reducing runoff and the risk of erosion. Overall, ground cover plants are an excellent natural solution for preventing soil erosion on hillsides.
Yes, agricultural plastic products can be used for bee hive insulation. Agricultural plastic films, such as polyethylene, can be utilized to help insulate bee hives during colder seasons. This can provide protection against low temperatures and prevent heat loss, ensuring the bees' survival. Additionally, these plastic materials can be easily cut and shaped to fit the hive, offering a cost-effective and efficient insulation solution.
Yes, nursery trays typically come with a bottom tray for water drainage.
I have 24 plastic bowls and cups in my cabinet that are 20 years old. Today, I ate macaroni and cheese (with milk) out of one of these bowls. After I was finished, I realized just how old that bowl was. I called my mom and she told me that eating out of those bowls was going to kill me. She told me to throw all of my old plastic dining things away. Is my mother over-reacting? Will this old plastic damage my health?
www.okorder /... I had to look it up Evan so I am not smarter than any of the other answerers but your mom is right...to a certain extent...don't heat up plastic containers...or anything with plastic on it...other containers are better to use for your health if you look at the article above. I eat my salad out of a plastic dish and as a child I had plastic cups. A lot of health nuts waste a lot of water bottles made of plastic every time they go for a run and want to get hydrated..that's not environmentally friendly even if plastic is recyclable and will be used again ...but it's a lot better to get a proper drinking container and fill that with Brita filtered water from the frige..that water is as good as bottled water and you only usually need to replace the filter every 2 months so in the end if you get a container to store Brita filtered water in your fridge..and empty it, you can refill it with tap water...the filter will take all the stuff that is unhealthy out of the tap water..as some tap water is not safe to drink...and water one can buy in plastic bottles is expensive and not a help to the environment...x
i need help with my homework i need todescribe five plastics and there uses
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Yes, agricultural plastic products are generally resistant to herbicide damage. They are designed to withstand exposure to herbicides and other chemicals commonly used in farming practices. This resistance helps protect the plastic products from degradation or damage caused by the herbicides, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness in agricultural operations.
I have a plastic cage right now for my hamster (syrian hamster if it makes a diff) but im thinking of getting a wire cagewhich is better in your opinion?and dont just say its up to me
I personally prefer wire cages and have used them for most of my hamsters all through the years. The reasons I prefer them over glass/plastic cages are - 1.They allow more ventilation compared to glass/plastic cages. In glass/plastic cages, due to less ventilation, there is more buildup of smells of hamster poop and urine which has never been a problem in wire cages. 2.They are easier to clean 3.They do not have condensation of moisture inside the cage that happens in glass/plastic cages which have not been cleaned regularly. 4. The most important thing about wire cages is that they allow better interaction with the hamster compared to glass/plastic ones. I can even feed them through the cage bars and it allows for a two way interaction between me and my hamsters. Many people complain that their hamsters escape through the cage bars easily but that is because they dont buy cages that are designed for hamsters. A hamster specific wire cage like Habitrail or Crittertrail never has faced that problem.