China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware

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China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Mobile TV DTV-Hardware












CMMB ( China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting ) is the standard of China mobile broadcast. It seems like American standard MediaFLO, European standard DVB-H, and Korean standard TDMB. Users can enjoy broadcast TV services with terminals like cell phone, PDA, MP3, MP4, etc.
Since 2007, Sumavision has launched a series of proprietary software and hardware products, including CMMB encoder, CMMB gateway, CMMB combiner  and divider, CMMB multiplexer, CMMB adapter, CMMB scrambler, CMMB optical transmitter and so on, formed a complete CMMB system solution.

CMMB Encoder
l Support up to 330kbps, step by 1kbps.
l Operate easily: LCD Panel, SNMP, Web
l Integrate Scrambler
CMMB Scrambler
l Stable
l Support multi channels of video, audio, data scrambling
l Web control inside
l Support random/constant key
l Support 4 ECMG simul-crypt, support ECMG backup. Has integrated with Nagra, ZTE, Novel, Alcate CAS.
l Already integrated with many terminals such as ZTE, Lenovo
CMMB Multiplexer
l Support 1+1 backup
l Has good compatibility with the 3rd party’s encoders, modulators and terminals.
l The only provider that can support HTTP and NMS management.
l Mature hardware platform
l Mainstream operation system
CMMB Adapter
l Two- way adapter
l Support DS3, E3, E1 interface
l Support CMMB, DVB-T, DMB-T standard
l Support NMS
l Support remote update

CMMB Splitter and Combiner
l Full transparent transmission
l Two-way
l Support 1+1 backup
l Support LCD, web and NMS management

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Q:Which factory produces the cable TV set-top box remote control?
Remote control is usually produced by a special remote controller manufacturer, but it needs to be integrated with the set-top box of the set-top box manufacturer. More knowledge of radio and television, access to "radio and television site selection" website.
Q:How do set-top boxes make full screen?
1, there are many set-top boxes for the first time, there will be Settings Wizard, you can adjust the screen display size on the TV screen, such as moons. If the size of the screen is not set for the first use, you can enter the set-top box settings - display or image settings, find pictures, zoom or adjust, use the remote control button to adjust the screen size.2, the majority of the set-top box has screen resolution settings in the settings, can be set according to the set size and resolution specifications, such as millet box, in the settings - image sound settings, you can set the 1080P, 720P and 4K resolution. Note that our minimum refresh rate is 50Hz TV, LCD TV the refresh rate can reach more than 100Hz, so you can use the 50Hz and 60Hz refresh rate, high refresh rate of vision benefits, can reduce eye fatigue.3, in the use of set-top box built-in applications or watch live TV programs, if the screen is not full, can press the menu button on the remote control menu, find the video rate (or similar words) to adjust the proportion of images, there are 16:9, 4:3, full screen, full screen drawing options, adjust to the appropriate size until the full screen display can be.
Q:Can IPTV Set-top boxes be equipped with wireless routers?
Then install the network TV set-top box:1, set-top boxes connect tvs;2, remote control of the signal source to select "video"";3, in the set-top box on the home page, connect WiFi and enter the password, you can watch network tv.
Q:TV set top box
I'm not in ChinaDo you know what foreign countries say?I got it rightI'm in ChinaNot abroadWell, what do you think foreign countries say?I am right above
Q:What's the two USB interface behind the network TV set top box?
Two USB interface network behind the TV set-top box is used to connect the USB device, can connect the keyboard, mouse, U disk, the more important is that it can connect the computer through it, update or reinstall the set-top box software.
Q:Can Telecom set-top boxes be viewed wirelessly?
Hello:Installing ITV services for telecommunications is out of the reach of routers, and only installing broadband can install routers using wireless networks.
Q:Is this a set-top box? Is it possible to use Wifi even once?
Is. Network set-top box and network set-top box with WiFi access function. But not all of these set-top boxes can be accepted by operators, so before you buy, you'd better ask a carrier who does broadband access to your home.
Q:TV set top box, telecom broadband set-top box, connection prompt, PPPOE dial-up failure
Dear users, hello! Thank you for your support!Because before you are all can use, so consider the following if you accidentally put IPTV PPPOE password error, the need to call the customer service telephone consultation, or find installed IPTV, you can try your general broadband password, the two password is the same.I hope my answer will help you, and more questions can be registered in Hubei, 10000 know!
Q:Why are set-top boxes noisy?
If it is part of a plosive image mosaic at the same time, to call home, may be a sign of poor purity, disturbance signal. If all is not good, there may be a problem with the box.
Q:Modern TV set-top boxes to remind the upgrade announcement
Recently, SARFT's "despot" clause banned television applications, causing public indignation netizens counter attack. The bottom of the article is attached to the solution:San November 16th news, there have been user feedback, its box live software can not be used. Tmall's box responded that, in order to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the State Administration of radio, and other relevant departments decided to upgrade the system in November 15, 2015. After the upgrade, the State Administration of radio, film and television announced the first 81 illegal applications of third parties will be screened. Including China Unicom's bundled box, including the original in order to lure users to install boxes, under the name of a variety of official, and even some areas prohibit users install other boxes, and now is the same, banned by radio and television. Each brand box also issued "stop service upgrade announcement"",

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