Transcoder Cluster DTV-Hardware Transcoding Cluster System

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Transcoder Cluster  DTV-Hardware Transcoding Cluster System

SUMAVISION transcoding cluster system is divided into File stranscoding system and Real-time streams transcoding system. SUMAVISION Multi-screen File transcoding cluster system provides the current main stream encoding format and packaging format plus flexible subtitle insertion function, cantranscode from any suitable video files into the required file format. Adopting self-developedcodec algorithm to ensure the high quality picture, and also effectively reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage space.

multi-screen real time streams encoding and transcoding cluster system can realize the live stream video and audio encoding transcoding, packaging, publishing, support for multi-terminal playing plus the flexible subtitle insertion functions;satisfy various operators with diversified requirements, not only help operators to save bandwidth resources, but also provideusers with a better quality viewing experience.

File transcoding system

Encoding&Transcoding Format
• Encoding: H.264, WMV, MPEG-2/4
• Decoding: MPEG-2/4, H.264, H.263, WMV
• Support ultra-HD(4096 * 2160),1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, QCIF, QVG A resolution and other user-defined resolution
• Encoding: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, AC3, E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3
• Decoding: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, AC3, E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3, DTS, Dolby TrueHD
Performance and Interface
• Concurrency 8 SD files with double speed transcoding or 3 HD files with 1.2 speed transcoding.
• Support from same one source transcode to different transcoding parameters and encapsulation format output
• Gigabit IP port: 2(Up to 6)
• TS,MPG,MP4,3GP,FLV,AVI,WMV,MKV,M2TS,MOV,VOB,RMVB,MP3,WMA,MXF, MXP, etc. Video file package format
• 3D Input sources, Blu-ray DVD input
• multiple video tracks, multi-input audio tracks
• File acquisition supports FTP, UNC, etc.
• 3GP, MP4, FLV, TS, HLS, WMV, MPG, etc. video files package format, support 3D output
• Support multiple vide otracks and multiple audio track selection
• Support pure video, audio-only output
• Support FTP, UNC uploadfrom a remote destination address

Real-time streams transcoding cluster system

Encoding&Transcoding Format
• Encoding:H.264,WMV,MPEG-2,AVS,AVS+,MVC-3D
• Decoding:MPEG-2/4,H.264,H.263,WMV, MVC-3D
• Encoding:AAC-LC,HE-AAC,AC3,E-AC3,MP1/MP2/MP3
• Decoding:AAC-LC,HE-AAC,AC3,E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3
Performance and Interface
• 1U device supports 12 SD (720 * 576), 3 HD (1080P) programs real-time stream transcoding output
• 2U device Supports up to 48 SD(720 * 576), 12 HD (1080P) programs real-time stream transcoding output.
• Support homologous multi-rate, multi- package format output
• Support 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, QCIF, QVGA, and other user-defined resolution
• Optional SDI / HDSDI / ASI Input: 4 or 8 channels;
• Gigabit IP network port:2(Up to 6)
• Live Streaming: TS Over IP,TS Over RTP,MMS
• support unicast, multicast,support IPv6,IGMP v3
• IP Output: TS Over IP, TS Over RTP, HLS, RTMP / FLV, RTSP/3GP, ASF, HTTP FLV, Smooth Streaming .etc mainstream streaming protocols


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Q:A four group barcode on the set-top box represent what
A four group of bar code on the set-top box representing the STB ID, CA ID, IMEI, SCID.The four group of bar code is unique, each machine should have four groups of bar code entry to the popularization of satellite broadcast service system in order to open an account, otherwise it is impossible to use the account.
Q:What's the reason for the absence of signals on TV set-top boxes boob?
Two, audio failureAudio frequency faults mainly include AC noise and no sound.AC noise interference mainly in the LCD TV. Because the user is not standard internal grounding technology, this kind of failure. By increasing the filter or removed to ground the user inside the box to solve.No voice is a common phenomenon of digital TV, which is usually caused by the following reasons:1. audio socket damage.2. tone video line damage.3. user watch channel selection error.
Q:China set-top box remote control learning
2: hold the set-top box remote learning "Settings" button for 3 seconds, see the lights on the remote control and change slightly dark bright and often bright, then press the set-top box remote learning to learn keys, such as "TV power button", see the lights to flicker, Press TV remote control machine the corresponding "TV power button", until the set-top box type learning indicator light on the remote back lit, then click on the remote learning "Settings" button, the light is off, the success of a learning.
Q:Our network set-top box is disabled?
Set-top box or Android TV installation application method:The live or on-demand installation file (APK) installed in the U disk inside, and then U disk inserted in the set-top box (TV) installed!Live software recommend: TV masters, HDP, blueberry live, gitv, these are CCTV and TV (Phoenix)!Movie: VST, Thai express video on demandThe set-top box - or HDMI - line TV, AV cable TV remote convert AV or HDMISettings - Wireless Settings - find hot spots - enter passwords, or connect directly to a network cable.
Q:How do set-top boxes make full screen?
Friends, small screen screen, full screen is not set top box adjustment, but to adjust the TV screen display: such as 16:9, 4:3, wide screen, movies... According to their own preferences to determine.
Q:Nine South Samsung dual-mode set-top box to switch in six receiving
10, good: according to the channel information (blue button or F3), then press the 4 red button, you can switch.11: outstanding: according to F2 five, the pop-up switch interface, select "yes" can be converted between "DVB-S and ABS-S".12, general method: menu - channel information, up, down, left, right - OK, automatically from start.Prior to the arrival of the Goethe will transit section method: click the menu, F4, to determine
Q:Can digital TV set-top boxes connect the computer screen to screen display?
Yes, digital set-top boxes can connect computers and connect network set-top boxes. Because they all have HDMI interfaces, they can directly connect the set-top boxes of the network to the display of the computer by using HDMI wires:1. Prepare a HDMI line, one end into the HDMI output interface of the set-top box, and the other end into the HDMI input interface of the display.2, open the network set-top box and display, the monitor will show the network set-top box screen.
Q:Can IPTV Set-top boxes be equipped with wireless routers?
Buy a wireless router with IPTV function, or simply search for wireless router machine, the cat and the whole wireless routing, and IPTV interface, used to connect digital TV set-top box, I said is the digital TV and telecommunications, do not know what you said is not a thing
Q:HUAWEI IPTV set-top box set password
On the remote control, press the settings, the password is 6321, note that the remote control has 2 settings key, do not press the wrong!
Q:What does digital TV set top box have with digital signal output?
1 、 digital TV set-top box has digital signal output, which is the output signal of the loop.2, loop output function: is used to watch analog tv. The cable TV set-top box antenna line will enter the machine top box and TV outlet connected to the loop output; for users to watch both analog TV programs (watch digital TV programs and analog TV programs, TV users by switching the AV/TV to achieve). If you don't watch analog TV, you don't need to connect. The digital signals connected to the set-top box can then be connected to the other set-top boxes from the loop output of the set-top box.

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