I am a current rising senior trying to pursue a full-time IB offer at a boutique or MM IB. I attend a private school in Texas that has an extremely strong network and I am looking to stay in Texas for IB. I am majoring in Finance and have a 3.1 GPA and 3.3 Finance GPA. I am now at a MM firm under MA. Any recommendations to what I should start thinking of in order to have an comp.advantage?Thanks,A
Knowledge is power. Understand the inner workings of investment banking by keeping up to d...
I have tried to open a savings account for my son while he is away, but the bank says they can't help if he is mentally ill when signing power of attorney. What to do?
If a person is not mentally competent, he/she cannot legally execute a valid POA. You woul...
I have power of attorney over my surviving parents finances. Her savings account is in trust between both parents, one deceased. Which thing takes precedence, POA or trust?
A POA is only allowing you to sign for something that the original person would be able to...
I have taken a housing loan in joint account with my mom, The bank is asking for power of attorney from me to disburse the final cheque.
You just have to draft a Power of Attorney letter and noterize it. For this you have to co...
Hey All, So my family has been having trouble concerning my grandmother and grandfather and their possessions. They have both been placed in a nursing home, and at this point both are not both there.in non-scientific terms. But, a few months ago before their state deteriorated, my mother typed up a document that stated she would be in charge of their bank card, vehicle, etc. She had it signed by my grandmother, signed by a witness, and notarized. Is that considered official document making her the power of attorney? If so, does that mean anything listed in that document is now her responsibility? Thanks
She volunteered to do the job. So she does it or grandmother, (who you said was not home m...
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