40w 5 port USB wall charger for smart phone multi port USB charger with fast charging

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China main port
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100 pc
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135000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Model Number: SUC1 Output Type: DC Connection: Plug In
Input: AC 100V~240V 50-60Hz 1.5A(Max) Output: DC 5V/2A (4 Port) QC 2.0 5V/2A、9V/2A 、12V/1.5A(One Port) Intelligent Identification AC plug: EU,US,UK,AU,KC
Weight: 240g Material: High quality PC Available color: black, white, blue, green, orange etc
Protection: OVP,OCP,OPP Certificates: CE,ROHS,FCC etc Power: 40W

Product Description:

Product Description:

Product Features
1. Light and portable, a necessary friend for outdoor traveling

2. Promotional gift Power Bank, Compact size

3. Certifications:CE FCC RoHS

4. Intelligent protection circuit/control

5. Over current/Over voltage/discharge/Short circuit/Over charging protection

6. Suitable for iphone,sumsung,sony,GPS,ipad etc with usb port digital products


1.Input: AC 100V~240V 50-60Hz  1.5A(Max)

2.Output:DC 5V/2A (4 Port)

        QC 2.0 5V/2A9V/2A 12V/1.5AOne Port

        Intelligent Identification

3.Power: 40W


5.Cord Standard:US/EU/AU/UK

6.Material:Aluminum Alloy Product Shell

Suitable for charging All smart phones, Tablet PC, IPod, iPhone,  iPad, MP3/MP4 Players, NDS, PSP GPS, PDA, PSP, etc

Accessories & Packing
1. Power Bank: 1pc
2. USB cable: 1pc 
4. User Manual

Neutral Color box, 40pcs/carton, Carton size: 39.6*30.5*750px, G.W.: 6KGS



1)OEM design is available.  

2)This price include our standard packing, and can provide customised package service.

3)Design and Logo can be customized.   

4)Delivery time will be about 15 working days after we confirm your payment.

5)Sample can be provided

6)Payment term:L/C; 30%T/T advance, 70% balance before shipment.


8)Price base on FOB Shenzhen

40w 5 port USB wall charger  for smart phone multi port USB charger with fast charging

40w 5 port USB wall charger  for smart phone multi port USB charger with fast charging

40w 5 port USB wall charger  for smart phone multi port USB charger with fast charging

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