Lipstick Pocket Size Portable Power Bank for Mobile Phone

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Lipstick Pocket Size Portable Power Bank

Battery Type:Lithium battery 18650
Input Voltage/Current:5V/1A
Output Voltage/Current:5V/1A
Recycling Time:Above 500times
Item Size:107*22*22mm
Item N.W.:70g
Packing:Gift Box/Blister/Bulk

Shockproof Power Bank,
Power Bank,
Usb Interface
Power Bank ,
Real Capacity Inside Battery
Power Bank,
Fresh Design
Power Bank,
LED Light
Power Bank .......etc.

1.Q: Are you a facture or trading company ?

A: We are factory to produce the high quality produact to meet customer's requirement .
2.Q: What is your products quality ?
A: We use the top PCB board to ensure the high conversion rate,and the grade quality full capacity battery .
3.Q: Do you support print our logo ?
A: Yes,we can print your logo on the products,we also can design the model that you need.
4.Q: Do your produce the products with the real capacity ?
A: We are honest businessman,build real business ,we will design the real capacity as you wish.
5.Q: What kind of battery you use ?
A: We use two kinds of battery :18650 lithium battery and lithium polymer battery .
6.Q: How can i get some sample ?
A: We are ready to send you sample normally in 3 days ,before that you can show us your requirement of your sample order

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