Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone

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Product Description:

Product Description

Rugby Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, wireless speaker, mini speaker, audio player, portable speaker, subwoofer speaker, amplifier for phone (BS-225)
Bluetooth speaker
Clear mic phone
1 Mini wireless bluetooth speaker
2 Support TF card (Optional)
3 Hands-free
4 Excellent sound
5 NFC function (Optional)
6 Compatible All Brand PC, MID, Mobile Phone, Table PC
7 Support FM ( optional )

Distortion<0.5% (Output1V@1kHZ)
RF Range10m
Frequency Range2.402-2.480GHZ
Frequency response100HZ-18KHZ
Charging VoltageDC 5V
S/N≥ 85± 2dB
Battery Capacity500mA
Charging TimeAbout 3hours
Playing Time3-5hours
Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)Rugby Plastic Speaker, Pillow Speaker Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker, Audio Player, Portable Speaker, Subwoofer Speaker, Amplifier for Phone (BS-225)

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Q:component speakers in box?
Absolutely, boxing them will help out with the bass response. If you have the thiele small parameters you could even build the enclosures to exact specs then you will have the best possible frequency response.
Q:Car Speaker Amplifier Question?
Google it?? funny. Speakers can only have one power source per inputif the amp is powering the speakerthen the radio cannot. Perhaps the radio can provide a signal by way of the previous speaker connections.which is usually done with RCA connection insteadbut that is about all those connection are good for since you have the amp powering the speakers now!!! Unless this is a serious installationseveral thousands of dollars. the trick is to try and reuse as much of the factory speaker wiring as possiblewhereever the best points may be. I have software to tell me these points and each car is differentso maybe you should stick with the back of the stereo where you know all the speaker wires are instead of tearing apart several body panels.
Q:No audio from speakers?
Are you use computer speakers or speakers that have an amplifier with them? A computer audio out is not speaker level. It's much to low to drive speakers without an amplifier. It can drive headphones and the line-in to an amplifier but not speakers directly.
Q:Good American Car Speakers?
go to crutchfield. type in your car, browse speakers, get something that you like, get some rockford fosgate speakers or some jl audio or even polk audio speakers. all great brands
Q:i NEED PC SPEAKERS but i hate pc speakers?
Yeah, you can plug any speakers into your pc, regardless of whether or not they're specifically made for a pc. Just plug them into the headphone jack. Surround sound speakers work just as well, I have decent logitech 5.1 speakers hooked up to my pc.
Q:Good speakers for my car?
I have a single 2400 watt boss subwoofer in my car,wow, I love it.it will do the job,it really depends on the (amp) under a $100.00 for the subwoofer,wow what a deal.
Q:do dead speakers shut of radio?
If the speakers shut off when you use the doors, you may have an intermittent open in the speakers or speaker wire circuit. Check the connections to the speakers. Check the resistance of the speakers with an ohmmeter. Check the wiring in the door, especially if someone has worked on the doors before. Good luck.
Q:Buying speakers for the car?
If you have 4 and 6x9 speakers in a Nissan I'm guessing that there is a Bose factory system in there. If you are still using the factory radio and amplifiers it is not a good idea to just replace the speakers if it is Bose because the factory speakers run at a real low ohm load (usually 1.5 or 2 ohms). If it is a standard Nissan stereo you should have 6.5 speakers all the way around, depending on the model of car. If this is the case you can replace just the speakers with no problem. The major benefit to adding an amp to interior speakers is that you have a lot more flexibility as to how you want the speakers to sound.
Q:Can you use any bookshelf speaker as a center channel speaker?
Actually yes you can. Center channel speakers were designed to be low profile and have a large listening angle. If you want to use a bookshelf speaker, you should not turn it on its side(assuming its a standard single woofer-tweeter design) as that would cause breakup nodes along the horizontal listening axis(which is a more important axis because typically not everyone is sitting perfectly in line with the speaker. A bookshelf speaker placed in its normal vertical position will typically not have the large off-axis response that a center channel speaker would. However, it will have a more even frequency response with less areas of cancellation between the multiple woofers. Basically, go ahead and do it, but make sure you leave the bookshelf speaker upright and try to sit as close to inline with the speaker as possible as this will give you the best sound possible.
Q:Best speaker setup with only 3 speakers?
It's basically the same setup as a 5.1 without the rear speakers. Set the output to stereo

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