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can anyone help me understand what 2200 mah means in power banks for iphone means? i like to know if how long would it take to fully charge an iphone with this power please as well as a digital camera thank you!
It is a mostly practical capacity rating, on that you could run a 100ma load for 22 H or so, 200ma for 11H, and so on.
Hey All, So my family has been having trouble concerning my grandmother and grandfather and their possessions. They have both been placed in a nursing home, and at this point both are not both non-scientific terms. But, a few months ago before their state deteriorated, my mother typed up a document that stated she would be in charge of their bank card, vehicle, etc. She had it signed by my grandmother, signed by a witness, and notarized. Is that considered official document making her the power of attorney? If so, does that mean anything listed in that document is now her responsibility? Thanks
A power of attorney is permission for your mother to act just as your grandmother would act. She would be able to sign her checks, sell her car pay her taxes, etc. The power of attorney is just a notice to everyone that your grandmother gave your mother permission to do stuff for her. It does not mean that your mother HAS to do the stuff. It sounds like the document that she and your grandmother signed is a good power of attorney. - Stuart
How should I proced to resolve those two problems without seeing a garage. I can diagnostic the car myself. What is Bank 1? and how should I resolve the 30 Low Voltage issue?Car : AUDI A4 1,8TQuattro 1998. AEBIf I can have a pointform for diagnostic that will be perfect. Thank you
If you cannot work out where is bank one you stand little chance Of a correct diagnosis.
And that the politicians are just puppets for the bankers.(Like the World Bank and the Federal Reserve)Do you really think it matters who will be elected? The power is in who has the money.
I agree with huckleberry (above). The rules that forced the bankers to lend to unqualified people were made by the democrat congress. Then they stand back and yell and scream about unfair lenders as though they have nothing to do with it. These same politicians do this all the time. They cause a problem then sit back and blame everyone else. But I also admit that the Federal Reserve is a scam that drains our economy, but it was put together by politicians as well as bankers.
I placed my bells in the bank, saved, powered down, took out the cartridge, set the year to 2099, checked my game, and nothing happened. I didn't gain ANY interest.What went wrong?
You need to turn the ds off, remove the cartridge, turn it back on, change the clock on the ds, turn it off, put the cartridge in, and turn it on. then play the game
besides an accout how can i get him a new i.d. and he can't leave the hospital.
If you have power of attorney for him, you can open a bank account in his name. If he can't leave the hospital, I am not sure how you can get him a new ID. Do you need to get a bank account so that he can have a check direct deposited? If so, the best course may be to have him added you your bank account.
i want to know how to measure practical the power out of generator i have generator and i lost the Manuelthere's no info on the generator except the voltage and Frequency
The only practical method of measuring generator output is with a frequency meter, power meter, or alternatively, a voltmeter and ammeter, and an adjustable load bank. If it is a portable, a.c. generator, you could connect known loads to the generator, such as portable space heaters and light bulbs. As you load the generator up, you will eventually see the frequency dip significantly, which will indicate that the generator has achieved its full load.
how does the bank of England setting interest rates affect people unless they have a mortgage with thebank of England because don't individual banks set their own interest rates? Sorry if this is a stupid question I just don't understand it
there is no DIRECT correlation between the interest fee (value of borrowing ) and domicile fees. domicile fees are tormented by various factors which finally boil right down to grant and insist. That suggested while the cost of borrowing will improve human beings frequently the two have much less disposable earnings (greater is going to provider present day debt) and or do no longer borrow as a lot. notwithstanding loan provider will tinker with the earnings / borrowing ratio and improve new products to motivate custom. In end, an improve interior the backside fee might have an effect (decelerate domicile fee improve) yet it is purely certainly one of various factors affecting fees - the closure of a community college as an occasion might have a miles greater suitable impact in a specefic section. So there you have it - clean as dirt !!