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(granted: you use both these things for honest causes. So no using super powers to rob banks and stuff like that.)BQ: What super powers would you want?
i do no longer likely understand any females like that. perhaps that is as a results of fact I stay someplace poorer and pass to a college, yet me and my woman friends all desire to have jobs extra effective than marry somebody with particularly some funds. So i do no longer think of those females went everywhere. With the financial equipment the way it is, perhaps it is far less complicated for some females to think of finding a wealthy guy particularly than a extreme paying activity. which would be my wager.
I knew the implied power are not directly mention in the constitution but they are there. I knew it is also know as the necessary or proper law. I think? Can someone please help me?Give support for where it is located in the constitution so i can go back and read it my self. thanks
Yep necessary and proper clause- article I section 8. It gives congress the ability to have powers over more areas than were mentioned in the constitution explicitly, things the writers of the constitution could have never anticipated. It gives congress a more expanded power. This clause has already been found to give congress the power to regulate banking, establish post offices and raise military forces.
I m going on a three-day long trip, but we ll be sleeping on a bus, so no outlets. We have an iPhone 5c, an iPhone 6, and a iPad mini 3 that we ll have to charge. Assuming we need to get three charges out of each of them, what size power bank should I get for this? I m okay with getting multiple. Thanks!
You will need more than one. Full iPhone 5c charge 1500 mAh. Full iPhone 6 charge 1800 mAh Full iPad mini charge 6400 mAh (all values approximate) Add up and multiply by 3 gives almost 30,000 mAh. Common sense would suggest a 50% reserve, so 45,000 mAh. What about a charger to fit in the bus accessory socket?
i am experimenting with prototype wind turbines and want to record how much power one creates over a period of time
Depends on the type of power or energy. Assuming electrical energy You want to measure energy not power, as power is a rate of energy production. Easiest is to get a watt-meter, but it has to be sized for your voltage and type of output (AC or DC), and you also need a load resistor (or resistor bank if the output is high). The watt-meter, which is actually a watt-hour meter, multiplies voltage by current to get power in watts, and multiplies that by time to get energy. There are other ways, such as thermal, but that only works short term. So you need a watt meter plus a load resistor (or active load), both sized for your wind turbine. So first thing is to determine your voltage and max current output, then size the watt-meter and the load.
Can a small scale wind generator power enough batteries to power a 5 ton air conditioner? And if it can, how large of a battery bank would I need, and would a 220 power converter be good enough.
gee, kind'a hard to tell. is there any wind? how strong? all day? or just part of the day? what do you consider a small scale wind generator? does your AC use 110 or 220 power? (it might uses both. although 5 ton isn't all that large.) where are you going to put this? how are you going to anchor it? is it allowed where you live? are you going to have an alternate power source for when there is no wind? in which case, have you looked at what it takes to hook up to the power grid? maybe you ought to talk to someone around where you live about this.
I am Seeking advise regarding a SS check. She was Diagnosed with Deimensia and Alz. I do have Durable Power of Attorney and want to know if I should cash it and use it and place it in a bank account which needs to be set up for her or if i should let her cash it and sqander it?
You have the powerit's up to you how it's done.but I would advise you get direct deposit set up.and be prepared to show paperwork that gives you the authority.
I'm doing a project for Civics, and I have to present the case McCulloch vs Maryland (even though I did all the work for Korematsu vs US) because my partners don't understand it. i get the case, but I think some of my info's wrong. The most important thing I need to know is, how was the Second National Bank going to help the economy? What does a national bank do that could help the economy? Thx!
First and foremost, banks are essential to a successful money economy.
I just recieved a Harbor Freight generator with an 800/900 max watt capacity as a gift. I want to use it to power a 29 foot travel trailer (lights, microwave, tv, fridge, radio). I will be living in it so I want a way to give it power 24/7. I know this generater is not big enough to do that, but could I possibly charge 2-4 deep cell batteries to do the trick? I don't know much about this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
400w isn't all that much! Most high-end computers use about that. A fridge uses anywhere from 900-2.1kw/hrs Which is way more than your 400w windmill can provide. Combine that windmill with a power storage center and you should be able to run a full fridge off of it As fridges are only on for about 10m out of every hour (but draw way more than 400w while they're on).