NBC-250A 315A 500A Tap Welding Machine MAG Welding Machine

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NBC-250A/315A/500A Tap Welding Machine MAG Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: NBC-250A, NBC-315A, NBC-400A, NBC-500A

· Dimensions: 644*396*680mm

· Weight: 80Kg

· Usage: machining, door, motocycle, bike, decoration

· Voltage: 380V or customer requirement

· Power(W): 9KVA

· Certification: CE,CCC,ISO9001:2008

· Warranty: 12months

· After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

· Color: grey or customer requirement

· OEM, ODM: accepted

· Function: CO2 MAG Welding, Wire Welding, FCAW

· Wire diameter: 0.8-1.6mm

· Quanlity Control system: ISO9001:2008

· Delivery: in time

· Application: steel structure,heavy equipments, machining, motocycle, bike


1. Suitable for welding thin plate and medium plate

2. Gas-shielded welding function suitable for any kinds of low carbon steels and low alloy steel

3. External wire feeder, steady wire feeding

4. Continuous welding, spot welding, gap welding available

5. High productivity, good welding performance, small heat-affected-zone, small deformation

6. With self-lock function

Technical parameter:






Rated Input Voltage(V)





Rated Input Power(kV/A)





No-Load Voltage(V)





Rated Welding Voltage (V)





Output Current Range(A)





Rated Duty Cycle(%)





Welding Wire Diameter (mm)





External Size L*W*H(mm)





Weight (kg)





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Q:Excuse me: how about the power of 315 DC arc welding machine?
It depends on how much current work you use, the 315 welding machine in general election 100A--250A, work voltage of 38V, three welders work at the same time the maximum power: 250*38*3=31 kW, select 35 kilowatts of generators enough.
Q:Rectifier arc welder
The attic is right. Add a few points:1: silicon rectifier can stabilize the influence of welding current due to the change of input current2: saves electricity3: reduce welding spatter, same welding current, high quality of silicon rectifier welding
Q:How to maintain the Panasonic inverter DC TIG welder in Japan?
Whether the Panasonic inverter DC argon arc welding machine, or domestic inverter DC argon arc welding machine, its maintenance method is the same, dust removal, clear the airway, shell spray paint. When dust removal, open the cabinet, with compressed nitrogen or compressed air blowing static, internal circuit boards, radiators and other parts of the adhesion of dust. Dredge welding machine, argon pipeline and electromagnetic valve impurities, electromagnetic valve can be removed to remove internal impurities. The shell paint falls off rusty rust and paint to rust.
Q:It is not water-cooled argon arc welding machine, but the welding torch is water-cooled. Can it be connected with water cooling?
I didn't catch what you said
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be directly welded with nitrogen gas?
Argon is an inert gas that blocks air and protects the workpiece from oxidation at high temperatures. The nitrogen reacts with the air after the arc is electrically shocked, producing nitric oxide and starting to act as a protective agent.
Q:What does the base current and the peak current mean on an argon arc welding machine? How to adjust?
The range of the maximum no-load voltage is not good. The machine itself is set up
Q:That kind of argon arc welding machine can weld copper and solder aluminium. What brand is good, and what's the price?
See what do you do, if some of the simple and convenient to carry, can buy 220V WSE200 argon arc welding machine can weld stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, but suitable for small workpiece processing, the machine can not stand too much. So there is a general neutral aluminum size WSE315 argon arc welding machine is second 380V the can, this is one step, but the price is slightly higher, in front of that some easy to carry and easy to use some is with 220V power, in front of the 2500-3000, behind the kind of 3500 yuan.Brand words, eyes of the beholder! Wise! A penny goods, brand words can be used as a special welding power of Odin
Q:How much is the used argon arc welder now? How much is the cheapest argon arc welder? (welded stainless steel burglarproof window)
I am now using double use argon arc welding power with manual welding quality is also good, the price is not expensive suggest that you buy new or relatively new affordable
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be used as cutting machine?
May not。Argon arc welding can not be used as plasma cutting machine. It is also impossible to weld the parent metal with tungsten.
Q:Argon arc welding machine has cutting function, how to use?
Argon arc welding uses argon to protect the weld from oxidation. The cut does not require argon and requires compressed air to blow the molten metal. Oh, oxidation black, that you do not need to consider. Just emphasize one point: change the handle with plasma cutting. The gas path is connected with the air outlet, the other is welded by argon arc welding method, and then an air compressor is needed to receive the air inlet end of the welding machine (that is to say, the argon air inlet end). The internal gas off gas and is composed of an electromagnetic valve control, when the handle switch is pressed, can automatically achieve the breakdown of air arc and gas, timely blow molten metal, to achieve the purpose of cutting metal.

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