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Product Description:


welding machine (ac welder ) 


1.no-load voltage:60-160A 

2.rated duty cycle:15/20% 

3.class of insulation:F' 


BX6 series AC arc welder 

1.top type transformer.step current adjustment fan cooling ,high efficiency and safty


2.compact.light ,portable suitable for home and safety


3.we have two kind of welder ,ome is aluminium




no-load voltage :48V


current range:60-160A


rated duty cycle:15/20%


class of insulation :F


applied welding rod(mm):2.0-2.5mm




packing dimension:44*19*32cm


Packing: packed in cartons


Main market:


1.Europes   2. South America  3.South Asia   4.Middle East

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Q:Can the DC welder be used as an argon arc welding machine?
As long as the inverter direct current welding machine can use simple argon arc, friction arc, economical and durable pipe operation more. The DC welder also has screw type silicon controlled rectifier. Are hundreds of KG one, power consumption, mobile inconvenience.
Q:What's the difference between alternating current welder and AC arc welder?
AC welding machine is the most common welding machine, welding the most common steel, arc welding machine is generally equipped with inert gas welding, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other special metal removal.
Q:Reallink Christie and argon arc welding machine which is good, what are the advantages
Christie and Ruiling is not the 'brothers alone' as far as I know: reallink is the founder of Mr. Qiu Guang, then (now Christie's boss) A and Qiu Guang cooperation, A money, Qiu light technology. After separation, was also playing a lawsuit, finally to Qiu Guang reallink. Behind the A made a new brand of Christie
Q:What brand of argon arc welding machine is better?
I used in the United States, Lincoln, Finland kemppi, Matsushita, Miller in the United States, Sweden recognized after the long-term use of ESA, good for Japan's three homes. The welded sheet is very easy to use. It's made in China and the quality is still very good. But the price is only by half. Issa is probably the worst. Price is not durable. We bought more than ten units here, but now they are basically broken. Lincoln welding machine is relatively large, but AC and DC dual-use is really good. We all used by welding machine. Only three homes later. Please believe in our practical experience. Don't listen to others being blind. In addition, the electrician said, "nice is the best.". But we have only one, have no use, can not say clearly. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:How to use the reallink argon arc welder WS200S gas delay switch?
Reallink argon arc welding has a 3-5 button which is a delay switch 5 is longer
Q:Can argon arc welding machine change the hand arc welding machine?. WS200D
Change can change, it is more troublesome, still might as well buy a new, ZX7-200 estimate also 2000 not to arrive
Q:Can the inverter DC argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
If helium is used, aluminum can be welded and operated in the same manner as argon arc welding;If argon is used, the usual method of operation can not be soldered to aluminum;If argon is used to weld the tungsten electrode, it is possible to solder the aluminum, but the tungsten is burned rapidly and can be used temporarily, especially when the current is relatively small, such as under 50A.Of course, it's better to use AC argon arc welding machine.
Q:Who can tell me how the performance of WSE-200G Ruiling argon arc welding machine, welding aluminum welding is good? And what's the difference between the letter "G" and "P" after the model number? Thank you
As the Christie WSE-200P welder performance.WSE-200P welding machine has pulse function, more suitable for welding aluminum.G welding machine manufacturer's product code.P pulse.Non MIG welding arc is non consumable (usually tungsten) between the workpiece and the inert gas from combustion, chemical reactions in the welding arc flows around a metal (usually with argon), forming a protective hood, the electrode, arc and weld pool and at high temperature the metal is not in contact with the air to prevent the oxidation and absorption of harmful gases. A compact welded joint is formed, and the mechanical properties of the welded joint are very good.
Q:What is the power of this argon arc welding machine?
Three hundred and eighty welding machine capacity, no-load current multiplied by five. The single-phase AC welding transformer is actually a special step-down transformer. Compared with the common transformer, its basic working principle is approximately the same. In order to meet the requirements of welding process, the welding transformer works in short circuit and requires certain arc striking voltage during welding. When the welding current is increased, a sharp decline in output voltage, when the voltage drops to zero (i.e. two short side), two side current is not too big, and so on, the welding transformer has a steep drop in the external characteristics of the welding transformer, dropping characteristic is the pressure generated by the obtained reactance coil. No load, because there is no welding current through, the reactance coil does not produce pressure drop, at this time the no-load voltage is equal to the two voltage, that is to say, when the welding transformer is no-load, the same as the ordinary transformer no-load. The no-load current of the transformer is generally about 6%~8% of the rated current (the State shall not exceed 10% of the rated current). This is the theoretical basis of formulas and the.
Q:What is the earth wire for the argon arc welding machine?
Compared with the human body, the earth resistance is small, when the equipment (electrical equipment) leakage lead to the shell charged, the current flows directly into the small resistance of the earth, to avoid electric shock. Therefore, the grounding of the electrical appliance is required
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Year Established 1995
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.Western Europe5%
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.South Asia8%
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