ZX7-400S 500S 630S IGBT Inerter DC Arc Welding Machine

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ZX7-400S/500S/630S IGBT Inerter DC Arc Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: ZX7630S

· Arc Current: 40-630A

· Pulse Frequency: 50/60

· Pilot Arc Current: 630A

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

· Dimensions: 690*334*586

· Usage: Industry & Heavy industry

· Voltage: 3-380V

· Certification: ISO9001:2008; CCC

· Color: Gray

· Weight: 57kgs


1. Adopting world’s leading soft switch technology, effectively prolong the service life.

2. Dual IGBT Module, components’ features correspondent well with technical date, high reliability during welding.

3. Key control units adopt “three proofing” treatment process, strengthen proof against moisture, salt spray and dust.

4. Arc striking and thrust current can be stepless regulated, suitable to different welding technique.

5. With under voltage, over voltage, over current, over heat protection, high reliability.            

6. True arc detect circuit, effectively compensating current decay, weld cable can be lengthened to 50 meters

7. MMA630S can be used as source for Electroslag Pressure Welding equipped with fixtures, improve the utilization

Technical Data





Input Voltage(V)




Rated Input Capacity(KVA)








Rated Input Current(A)




No-load Voltage(V)




Output Current Range(A)




Rated Working Voltage(V)




Rated Duty Cycle(%)




Full-load Efficiency(%)




Full-load Power Factor




Shell Protection Class












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Q:Direct connection method of direct current arc welding machine and how to select reverse connection in production
Direct current connection method, negative pole gun, positive grounding wire.
Q:Argon arc welding machine welding 4-6 mm thick carbon steel tube product, need what size?
WS-315 or WS-400 argon tungsten arc welding electrode arc welding machine can be.The use of tungsten argon arc welding function, welding, welding, welding and filling.Types of tungsten arc welding wires using ER50-6. Argon gas is used as welding protection gas.The electrode hand welding uses 3.2 mm brand J427 (model E4315), low hydrogen sodium type low carbon structural steel, low carbon structural steel welding rod. Welding current reference electrode packing box. DC reverse polarity (anode - ground, welding connected with the anode +) welding. The electrode does not contain arc stabilizer. Only welding with DC arc welding machine.
Q:It is not water-cooled argon arc welding machine, but the welding torch is water-cooled. Can it be connected with water cooling?
Water cooling, of course.Argon arc welding machine is divided into water tank in argon arc welding machine are integrated together, and separated, and without the water tank, but the welding torch is water-cooled welding torch, you said this situation is not water, but with water cooling welding joint.The joint water gun, you also equipped with a water tank and a circulating pump, so the tank water inlet and a water outlet are respectively connected with the inlet and outlet of the argon arc welding torch, welding torch cooling reached when the machine is running to.
Q:Beacon TIG-160 argon arc welding machine is difficult to cause arc, all other normal, who can help me point out?
High frequency plate pressing
Q:Inverter type argon arc welding machine can not be welded without squeaking sound
The DC inverter argon arc welding machine welding can not have a squeaky voice, the voice is generally arc starting circuit of high voltage discharge sound, high-pressure arc starting circuit is normal, and this is the main fault of high pressure air breakdown to argon arc welding inverter DC 70V arc work. Check whether the positive and negative electrode output voltage is 70V DC voltage (remember not to press the hand switch when measuring!! Otherwise, the high pressure will break through the burn out multimeter!!! Then change the welding handle or change the internal electrode of the handle. In many cases, the welding handle is aging.
Q:How to use the reallink argon arc welder WS200S gas delay switch?
Reallink argon arc welding has a 3-5 button which is a delay switch 5 is longer
Q:How can argon welding be used to weld copper material? What do you need to have? Is the argon arc welding machine OK?
The manual argon arc welding of brass can be made of standard brass wire: wire 221, wire 222 and wire 224, and it can also be used as filling material with the same material as base metal.Welding can be done by DC or AC. When welding by alternating current, the evaporation of zinc is lighter than that of direct current. Usually, there is no need to preheat before welding. Only when the thickness of the plate is relatively large can it be preheated. Welding speed should be as fast as possible. The weldment shall be annealed at 300~400 degrees after welding to eliminate the welding stress so as to prevent the weldment from cracking during use.No other things, general argon arc welding machine can be.
Q:How to use argon arc welding machine
1. connection of input power supplyThe input power of the welder is 380V. Note: before the A. connection, switch the switch of the switch box on the broken position, and connect the grounding cable to the ground at the bottom of the welder. The voltage of power supply network in B. welding machine is single-phase 380V, and the voltage fluctuation of power grid should be in the range of +10%.2. argon arc welding1.) close the power switch, and the power indicator light is on. 2.) switch the function switch to the position of argon arc welding. 3.) welding torch and workpiece. 4.) when welding aluminum, turn the switch down to AC argon arc welding, and then apply welding according to process requirements. When welding the stainless steel, switch the switch to "direct current argon arc welding", and then apply the welding process. 5.) open argon valve, according to process requirements, adjust to a certain flow. 6.) adjust the current knob to the required value according to the process parameters. 7.) the gas delay knob to the required time, welding can be achieved and the requirements of post flow ventilation in advance.3. procedures for argon arc welding1.) switch and check whether the dial knob machine to the correct position; 2.) mobile welding torch, the 2 3mm away from the workpiece position and press the torch switch; 3.) welding process; 4.) loosen the torch switch, welding end valves are closed; 5.) argon, turn off the power switch;4. manual arc welding1.) switch the selection switch to the "general weld" position. 2.) for welding of low carbon steel, the output (+) cathode connected to the base metal, the electrode holder connected to the welder (-) cathode. 3.) with low argon welding stainless steel electrode, the positive electrode (+) electrode holder, the (-) athode metal.
Q:Why does the argon arc welding machine burn the black stick?
The current selection is large, the tungsten needle is too close to the dissolution bath, and the suitable current is selected. The tungsten needle with suitable diameter is operated with an hour head and a proper distance from the dissolving bath, and the speed is right
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel cold welding machine and argon arc welding machine?
The difference between the three: the effect of welding cold welding after welding bead welding smooth white, postprocessing is simple and convenient, the welding effect can be comparable to high-end laser machine, not like that argon arc welding after welding bead blackening serious, difficult polishing.

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