WSME-315A Inverter AC DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine

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Product Description:

WSME-315A Inverter AC DC Pulse TIG Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: AC DC TIG200A TIG315A

· Arc Current: 10-200A,10-315A

· Pulse Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

· Motor Type: AC DC

· Dimensions: 498X328X365mm

· Usage: aluminium, aluminum alloy fabrication

· Voltage: 220V, 380V, customer requirement

· Power(W): 6.2KVA, 9KVA

· Certification: CE, CCC, ISO9001:2008

· Warranty: 12months

· After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

· Color: orange or customer requirement

· Function: AC DC TIG, AC DC Pulse TIG, MMA

· OEM ODM: accepted

· Quality control system: ISO9001:2008


1. Tungsten pressurization arc starting, preset starting arc current, gas preflow time is adjustable.

2. Starting and finishing current, up and down slope time of current can be all set, which can avoid welding defects effectively during starting and finished process.

3. Pulse peak current, pulse frequency, duty cycle as well as background current are all adjustable, assuring of super welding performance.

3. High efficiency, portable, small no-load losses.

Technical parameters




Rated input voltage (V)

1~220V  10%

3~380V  10%

Rated input capacity (KVA)



Output current range (A)



Output voltage range (V)



No-load voltage (V)



Down slop time (S)



Gas preflow time (S)



Gas postflow time (S)



Duty cycle (%)



Work piece thickness (mm)



AC TIG / DC TIG (mm)



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Q:How does the argon arc welder overheat protection?
See if the fan is not good, use the compressed air to clean the dust inside the machine, the machine is overloaded, the power is too small (for power point welding machine or increase cooling capacity)
Q:What is an inverter argon arc welding machine?
Kazakhstan! Upstairs only back to what is called argon arc welding. But the welder asked. Oh, actually, this is a kind of electronic welder that can make the DC vibration rise and reach the arc and can output high current. It can work directly through the city power or the industrial electricity rectifier to get the direct current. Because this process is called inverter, so many people call this kind of inverter "argon arc welding machine". In fact, it is an electronic argon arc welding machine.
Q:That kind of argon arc welding machine can weld copper and solder aluminium. What brand is good, and what's the price?
See what do you do, if some of the simple and convenient to carry, can buy 220V WSE200 argon arc welding machine can weld stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, but suitable for small workpiece processing, the machine can not stand too much. So there is a general neutral aluminum size WSE315 argon arc welding machine is second 380V the can, this is one step, but the price is slightly higher, in front of that some easy to carry and easy to use some is with 220V power, in front of the 2500-3000, behind the kind of 3500 yuan.Brand words, eyes of the beholder! Wise! A penny goods, brand words can be used as a special welding power of Odin
Q:What products can be welded by automatic argon arc welding machine?
Look, how many days have you been called automatic argon arc welding machine? Welding special plane? Tungsten inert gas arc welding with wire feed machine Argon arc welding? Robot?
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, and the surface of the welding brush contact reaction.
Striking, arc striking, welding can be normal, that is, high pressure arc part of the fault.Generally high voltage capacitor aging.
Q:What are the welding electrodes and argon arc welding machines used for welding machines?
Welding with argon arc welding machine, what material is with what material wire, using argon as shielding gas, with high frequency arc or scratch the arc arc ignition, the wire to the melting temperature of molten pool and reduce metal anti burn, even up to a point of a point is a weld.
Q:What's wrong with argon arc welding machines without high voltage output?
The induction coil doesn't know where it is, it's only for professionals to fix it.
Q:Consult the model of argon arc welding machine, do not know whether WSE5-315 and WSE315 and WSME315 are the same thing?
If sufficient funds, the first choice of Tangshan Panasonic YC-300TSP, the price is about 20 thousand. Next, Beijing times PE21-400 price is in 7000 or so, again, Shanghai, Shanghai, industry, WS-315, the price is in more than 5000. The above are DC argon arc welding machine, if not often welded aluminum alloy, then do not buy AC and DC dual-use, very expensive.
Q:400 DC argon arc welding machine, I'm going to buy a reallink in Taobao online! Just don't know what the credibility is!
It is best to buy in the store, I repair welding machine, there are several bought online are not what is two or three months bad, customer service is also troublesome, I asked them how they said to go to Taobao to buy cheap, I said my good cheap goods, they say hey to buy lessons.
Q:What is the reason that argon arc welding machine doesn't strike fire?
The electrical switch is not connected, or there is a potential inside it.

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