NB-350KR 500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

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NB-350KR/500KR Thyristor Gas-shielded Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: NB-500KR

· Dimensions: 675*435*760mm

· Weight: 156KGS

· Usage: Heavy Equipments, shipbuilding, container manufacturing and other impo

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC; ISO9001:2008

· color: Gray

Best Selling in Past 6 Years  


1. Mature and reliable main circuit with balanced reactor and thyristor in dual inverse-star form, each moment has two thyristors work in same time, high efficiently

2. Rigorous process design, regardless of harsh environments or reload will operate properly

3. End voltage and current adjustable, regulate that help to make up the crater defects at the end of welding

4. With voltage and current adjusted separately/simple synergic function, whether newbies or skilled welders can easily operate.  

Tips: If welding cable is longer than 5m, dual-driven wire feeder will be a better choice to reach better welding performance.  

Technical Data




Fty. Model



Input Voltage(V)




50 / 60HZ

50 / 60 HZ

Rated Input Capacity(KVA)



Max. No-load Voltage(V)



Output Current Range(A)



Output Voltage Range(V)



Rated Duty Cycle(%)



Insulation Class



Wire Diameter(mm)

Low carbon steel wire 0.8~1.2

Low carbon steel wire1.2~1.6

FCAW 1.0~1.2

FCAW 1.2~1.6







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Q:What are the differences between an electric welder and an arc welder?
Electric welding machine is a general term, including arc welding, argon arc welding, pressure welding, welding, ultrasonic welding, seam welding, etc.Arc welding machine is to produce high temperature welding weldment by gas arc. It's one of the electric welding machines.
Q:Which brand of AC arc welding machines is of the best quality?
The wheat we use in our factory
Q:What are the differences between invert DC hand arc welding machine ZX7-200T and ZX7-200?
ZX7200 machine output reactor, the output voltage of ZX7200T, there is no market for the reactance, small welding low prices so there are ZX7200T too horrible to look at, this machine is relatively higher price.Inverter type DC arc welding machine is an arc welding machine based on MOSFET field effect power tube as switching element. First of all, the frequency of the 50Hz input voltage is rectified and filtered into DC voltage, and then through the power electronic switch into high frequency (100KHz) AC voltage, the AC voltage into AC voltage for welding process required by the transformer, the rectifier filter into DC voltage welding. The output current is controlled and regulated by the pulse width modulation control (PWM) technique. As the switch power inverter technology is adopted, the weight and the volume of the welding machine are greatly decreased, the efficiency is improved, and the energy consumption is saved.Inverter type DC arc welding machine is widely used in welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, copper and other metal.
Q:Argon arc welding machine uses computer to black screen
It should be possible to load a computer with a UPS
Q:Can argon tungsten arc welding be regarded as manual arc welding machine?
All the argon arc welding machine basically has a manual welding function, need to switch on the front panel function switch, if there is no switch, then directly connected to the welding welding manual welding, no manual welding performance switch will be less. Choose the welding connection according to the welding rod used. The electrode packing is written with what connection method. The target DC+ will weld the output positive electrode.Professional sales, maintenance, modification welding machine.
Q:What is the power of the BX1-315 AC arc welder?
No more than 15Kw
Q:How can argon arc welding welding aluminum plate?
Is the argon arc welding with argon as the gas protection welding, melting pole argon arc welding (MIG) and non melt pole argon arc welding (TIG welding), aluminum can only use the AC argon arc welding machine, gas with 4 9 argon; DC argon arc welding machine can also be used, but is the only reverse welding machine (the torch is connected with the cathode of tungsten), but the capacity is relatively large, can be welded solid, but relatively poor weld formation.
Q:Reallink argon arc welding machine is really easy to use, how about the quality?
Reallink argon arc welding machine in welding machine industry, neither good nor bad, for it. Because it is the intermediate output mode is steep, the above said MOS tube principle, I think I can use, is not how good, the arc is not too ideal, at around 95%, if you are not the high frequency arc that could also be considered, to see how the manufacturers set gas lag, generally in the 2.5S, the highest in the 5S. but also can adjust the kind of big, but the machine is not false, false can not see inside the vents in the machine is on board, it is under the plate. The middle fin. Price depends on how much you are, 200 also in 2 Qianduoyi points (water),
Q:What's the price of argon arc welding machine?
From hundreds to thousands, or even tens of thousands.1 、 brand welding machine:The production of welding machine manufacturers at home and abroad very much, have a well-known brand abroad such as Lincoln, Miller, Pegasus PL, domestic use very much; such as domestic Jiangsu Fenghua, Shandong, Beijing, Shenzhen Aotai era, Guangzhou raylink peak fire and Shanghai Weiteli welding machine and other domestic.2, non brand welding machine, especially 220V, also a few hundred dollars.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine change the hand arc welding machine?. WS200D
Cannot change.The no-load voltage of argon arc welding is low, and the arc welding of hand arc welding needs high voltage (70V or so), and argon arc welding can not meet the characteristics of hand arc welding.

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