BX6-B Series AC ARC Welder

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Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety


Compact, light, portable suitable for 


Instruction of BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder


Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety

Compact, light, portable suitable for home and small factory

We have two kinds of welder, one is aluminium, one is copper


BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder

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Q:380V argon arc welding machine output current 100A, what is the input current?
Just count it in a simple way380V divided by 60 (maximum rated voltage) =6.4 timesIt is assumed that the voltage and the current are linear100A divided by 6.4 times =15.6AThe current should be about 15A
Q:What is the optimum distance between the arc striking of argon arc welding machine?
1, two points each discharge discharge point of 0.1~0.3mm, isoelectric point of 0.2~0.5mm is appropriate.2, argon arc welding, that is, tungsten inert gas arc welding, refers to the use of industrial tungsten or activated tungsten as non melting electrode, inert gas (argon) as the protection of welding methods, referred to as TIG.3, welding, welding materials (welding rod, welding wire, etc.) arc ignition process called arc. The arc striking methods commonly used in manual arc welding are stroke cleaning and direct striking.
Q:How to set the aluminum welding argon arc welder?
For pure aluminum, tungsten argon arc welding is recommended, with a semi-circular removable plate (austenitic stainless steel or copper backing plate) Before welding, remove the oxide film without melting. After the weld is finished, the stainless steel wire brush is used to polish it down, except for the oxide layer on the shallow surface.
Q:How does the argon arc welder overheat protection?
Let's have a rest when it's hot.Dust the welding machine.Change it to a larger welder.
Q:When argon welding machine welding aluminum, how to set?
Welding aluminum must be exchanged unless the edges are polished by direct current welding
Q:That type of inverter, pulse argon arc welding machine is easy to use
It is made in China and has poor exhaust molding and high failure rate.
Q:Can tig200s argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
Argon arc welding is argon gas shielded welding. That is, argon arc protective gas is applied around the arc welding to isolate the air from the welding zone, so as to prevent the oxidation of the welding zone. This is still a little harmful to people, and the future of health or laser welding machine to better, it is recommended Chu source photoelectric. Argon arc welding defects: (1) because the argon arc welding heat affected zone, workpiece after repaired often cause deformation, lower hardness, trachoma, local annealing, cracking, pinhole, wear, scratch, undercut, or inadequate binding force and stress injury etc..
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, what's the matter?
Check if the discharge device is sparking or not
Q:Can the inverter DC argon arc welding machine be used without argon?
Be sure to use argon. If you don't use the seam, there will be air holes
Q:Who used the three Joe brand argon arc welding machine? What's the quality?
Now for personal use, cheap machine, 1000~2000, 60% "general election" reallink machineOther brands of machines, if they haven't heard the name at all, are not,Only nominal 200A may actually be 180A, can use 5 years can use 2 years, is the copper wire all changed to aluminum...The cost is greatly reducedBut when you change, you just throw it out
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.Southeast Asia12%
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.Western Europe5%
.Central America3%
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Southern Europe2%
.South Asia8%
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