NB-350 500 630 Inverter Semi-Automatic MAG CO2 Gas-shielded Welding machine

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Product Description:

NB-350/500/630 Inverter Semi-Automatic MAG/CO2 Gas-shielded Welding machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: NB-500

· Dimensions: 640*334*586MM

· Weight: 50KGS

· Usage: Shipbuilding,Stell construction,Pressure vessel, etc.

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC; ISO9001:2008

· color: Gray


1. Adopt advanced soft switch inverter technology, long service time.

2. Double IGBT module, high working reliability.

3. Key control components adopt "three proofings" treanment process, strengthen the moisture proof, salt spray proof and dust proof.

4. Multi-purpose machine, with CO2/MAG, MMA functions, higher machine usage rate.

5. Wipe off small curve weld ball when closing arc.

6. Welding cable length can upto 50m.

7. NB-630A equipted with dual drive wire feeder.  

Technical Parameters





Input Voltage(V)




Rated Input Capacity(KVA)





50 / 60HZ

50 / 60 HZ

50 / 60 HZ

Rate Input Current(A)




Output Current Range(A)




Output Voltage Range(V)




Rated Duty Cycle(%)




Power Factor








Wire Diameter(mm)




Shell Protection Class












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Q:How does the argon arc welder overheat protection?
Let's have a rest when it's hot.Dust the welding machine.Change it to a larger welder.
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, what is the reason ah?
Clap sound is high frequency, high frequency, no words, you are not good, send it manufacturers.Two, if there is high frequency, just get some change, change a gas or electric connector, or a quick joint.
Q:Inverter type argon arc welding machine can not be welded without squeaking sound
The ground line is broken or the inside of the torch is broken
Q:Which manufacturer is good in argon arc welding machine?
I want to buy an imported argon arc machine. I don't know which one is good. Thank you
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be welded without argon gas?
No argon can be used as a manual arc welding machine, need to handle for welding.
Q:Argon arc welding fan cooling fan does not turn
The ship type switch is connected directly to a fan to supply power to the fan.
Q:What is the duty cycle on the argon arc welding machine panel?
Duty cycle refers to the ratio of the time of the pulse signal to that of the energizing period. In a sequence of ideal pulses (such as Fang Bo), the ratio of the duration of the positive pulse to the total period of the pulse.The duty cycle (Duty, Ratio) has the following meanings in the telecommunication field:For example: pulse width 1 s, signal cycle 4 s pulse sequence, duty cycle is 0.25. The ratio of the time occupied by a pulse to the total time in a continuous working period. In CVSD modulation (continuously variable slope delta), the average ratio of bits (1) is not complete.In a periodic phenomenon, the ratio of the duration of a phenomenon to the total time. For example, there is a phrase in the idiom: "three days fishing, two days net drying", if five days as a cycle, "fishing" of the duty cycle is 3/5.The control precision of modern automobile more and more high, especially in the electronic control system, implementation of some common switching devices previously used by the modern car has been unable to meet the control requirements, such as EGR system, idle speed control system, fuel evaporation control system etc.. Precisely, the duty should be called electronic pulse width modulation technology than the control, it is to add pulse width modulation in the execution of the work voltage signal components in a certain frequency through the electronic control device, in order to achieve the implementation of components working state control precision, continuous control. In recent years, the linear EGR system adopted by Shanghai GM Buick car is actually using this technology to realize the linear switching function of the EGR valve. Then why will the electronic pulse width modulation technique called duty ratio control technology, in fact, the duty ratio of the pulse width modulation control is extended, the duty ratio is controlled by a circuit connected to the percentage of the whole circuit cycle time.
Q:High frequency automatic discharge of argon arc welding machine?
First make sure there are no high-voltage ignition sound, then check the contact switch and the contact line not is good, then check the high-voltage circuit, see high voltage capacitor capacity, there is a high frequency inductors have a great relationship, have a lot of argon arc welding machine is the case, the largest Wuxi welder.Replace the gas or electric connector or a quick connection.Try to transfer the discharge nozzle a little further. The tungsten electrode 0.5CM switch has no high frequency arcing when it is switched on. If there is no arc ignition circuit, there is a fault.Switch line may have broken place, you can unplug the switch, and even with a flat screwdriver, see, OK, and there is listen to there is no electromagnetic valve pull sound.
Q:What is the two output voltage of inverter type DC arc welding machine?
The question askedThe inverter is divided into one inverter and two inverter.Output voltage? No-load voltageDifferent power tubes, the voltage is not the same, MOS, IGBT, single tube, IGBT module, and even different brands, models.
Q:Argon arc welding machine has cutting function, how to use?
Well, my friend, please tell me about it. I bought an argon arc welding machine with welding, argon arc welding and plasma cutting.Welding and argon arc welding, I know how to use them, but how about the cutting function? The man said that also need an air compressor, but the argon arc welding machine is only one air inlet is used to access if argon, air compressor, cutting out things that will not give black oxide? Is it necessary to use argon when cutting? If you must use argon, how do you answer it? Never did it. Ask a friend who knows for help

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