NB-350T 500T IGBT Inverter CO2 MAG MMA FCAW Welding Machine

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Product Description:

NB-350T/500T IGBT Inverter CO2 MAG MMA FCAW Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: NB-500

· Dimensions: 640*334*586mm

· Weight: 50Kg

· Usage: shipbuilding,steel structure

· Voltage: 3 phase 380v, customer requirement

· Power(W): 25KVA

· Certification: CE,CCC,ISO9001:2008

· Warranty: 12months

· After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

· Color: gray, or customer requirement

· Function: CO2 MAG Welding,MMA, FCAW

· OEM, ODM: Accepted

· Max. welding current: 500A

· Quality control system: ISO9001:2008

· Delivery: in time

· Rated duty cycle: 60%

· Suitable wire diameter: 1.0-1.6mm  


· 1.Adopt waveform control technology to improve appearance of weld and reduce splash.

· 2. Use digital display to preset welding parameter accurately.

· 3. Current and voltage can continuous adjust in wide rage.

· 4. Soft switch technology makes the machine high efficiently and high reliably.

· 5. Passive power factor calibration (PPFC) technology has high power factor.

· 6. Arc-starting with slow wire feeding will be easy to starting arc and increase success rate.

· 7. Wipe off small curve loop when ending arc.

· 8. Small welding deformation, good welding point

Technical parameter:

· Model




Rated Input Voltage(V)

3~380V ±10%

3~380V ±10%


Rated Input Power(kV/A)




Welding Voltage Range(V)




Output Current Range(A)




Rated Duty Cycle (%)




Efficiency (%)




Power Factor




Welding Wire Diameter(mm)




Cooling Style


External Size L*W*H(mm)




Weight (kg)




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Q:What is the straight line mark on an argon arc welding machine?
This is the WSM welding machine, DC welding machine. A picture is square wave / DC choice. The next one is the 2 section welding, welding and 4 segment type specific choice. Do not say, you try to know. Hint, long welding is convenient
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be used instead of plasma cutting machine?
This is really impossible.The common point of argon arc plasma cutting is direct current high frequency arc ignition.The difference is thatArgon arc welding welding voltage is very low, about 10 volts to more than 20 volts.Plasma cutting machine no-load voltage of more than 200 volts, the operating voltage is more than 100 volts or even higher.
Q:Argon arc welding machine is not gas ignition what happened?
If you press the switch with air, the control section is good. Do the following:1, wire or handle line is connected and the ground wire and the handle line is intact without virtual connection;2, the earth and the workpiece is virtual;3, handle the workpiece on ignition distance is appropriate;4, turn off the gas to see if there is a squeaking sound or electric column (and lightning almost), there is no high frequency arc ignition, and have to open gas try
Q:Inverter type argon arc welding machine can not be welded without squeaking sound
The ground line is broken or the inside of the torch is broken
Q:Reallink argon arc welding machine is really easy to use, how about the quality?
Reallink argon arc welding machine in welding machine industry, neither good nor bad, for it. Because it is the intermediate output mode is steep, the above said MOS tube principle, I think I can use, is not how good, the arc is not too ideal, at around 95%, if you are not the high frequency arc that could also be considered, to see how the manufacturers set gas lag, generally in the 2.5S, the highest in the 5S. but also can adjust the kind of big, but the machine is not false, false can not see inside the vents in the machine is on board, it is under the plate. The middle fin. Price depends on how much you are, 200 also in 2 Qianduoyi points (water),
Q:Is your argon arc welding machine a two phase home? What's the size of an argon cylinder?
There are two phase, but less power, decoration and decoration seems to be no problem.
Q:I would like to ask the next ZX7-400 inverter DC welder quite a number of watts of power, thank you
ZX7 1 400: invert DC hand arc welding machine:1. rated output current: 400A2. rated output voltage: 36V3. rated output power: 14.4KW4. rated input power: about 18KWTherefore, the ZX7 400 welder continuously uses the power consumption of about 18 degrees per hour at the maximum output power;Of course, in actual use it is impossible to do welding work continuously or will not always use maximum output current welding, so it is actually smaller than this value;
Q:How can argon welding be used to weld copper material? What do you need to have? Is the argon arc welding machine OK?
Gas welding speed is relatively good brass, molding difficult aspect. Red copper or nickel copper alloy can be welded by argon arc. Welding wire is right. No brass welding wire can be used.
Q:Argon arc welding machine arc arc is not how ah?
1: switch damage, (replacement) 2: welding machine delay settings (check, delay setting and recovery), there are two possibilities.
Q:High frequency automatic discharge of argon arc welding machine?
First make sure there are no high-voltage ignition sound, then check the contact switch and the contact line not is good, then check the high-voltage circuit, see high voltage capacitor capacity, there is a high frequency inductors have a great relationship, have a lot of argon arc welding machine is the case, the largest Wuxi welder.Replace the gas or electric connector or a quick connection.Try to transfer the discharge nozzle a little further. The tungsten electrode 0.5CM switch has no high frequency arcing when it is switched on. If there is no arc ignition circuit, there is a fault.Switch line may have broken place, you can unplug the switch, and even with a flat screwdriver, see, OK, and there is listen to there is no electromagnetic valve pull sound.

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