Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

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Item specifice:

Product Name: Welding Machine Portable Warranty: 12 Months Type: Arc Welder
Voltage: 110/220/240V Frequency(Hz): 50/60Hz Rated Input Capacity(KVA): 4.2KVA
No-Load Voltage(V): 62V Output Current Range(A): 10-160A Welding Rod(Diameter): 1.6-4.0mm
Duty Cycle(%): 60% Power Factor: 0.93 Protection Class: IP23
Weight: 2.0KG Dimension: 20*8.6*13.8cm Model Number: PW-MINI-160

Product Description:


Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg

1. Smart mini welder is designed to provide user with convenient, efficient and quality welding solution.
2. IGBT technology, compact, easy to carry
3. Engertg saving and durable, current can be adjusted. High duty cycle.
4. Excellent anti-static, thermal and over-load protection.
5. Easy arc start and strong compensation capability high frequency, fan cooled.
6. Supplied with eletrode holder, earth clamp, face maskhammer/brush.
7. Suitable for welding carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.

Portable arc welding machine is widely used on a variety of materials such as mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel in the industries of structural steel, light industrial fabrication, repair and maintenance etc.

Accessories including:
1 piece of 2 meters welding cable with electrode holder, 1 piece of 2 meters earth cable with clamp, 1 pieces of welding mask, 1 piece of welding hammer and brush.

Welding Machine Portable Weight Only 2.0kg
Packing with color box or BMC carrying case.

Detailed specification about portable arc welding machine can check below table

 Power voltage(V) 230230 230 230 
 Frequency(HZ) 50/6050/6050/60 50/60 
 rated input capacity(KVA) 2.53.2 3.9 4.2 
 No-load voltage(V) 6060 62 62 
 Output current range(A) 20-8020-100 20-140 20-160 
 weleling fod(dia mm) 1.6-2.51.6-3.2 1.6-4.0 1.6-4.0 
 duty cycle(%) 6060 60 60 
 power factor 0.930.93 0.93 0.93 
 cool type fan fan fan fan
 weight(KG) 1.81.8 
 dimensions(cm) 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8 20*8.6*13.8


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Q:Argon arc welding is the best brand of that brand.
Can think of Taobao to buy electric welding machine, that is, the convenience of the map, the so-called brand of good welding machine, there is a rangeIf it is a professional welding work, factory level, most of them will not recommend the use of Taobao, several hundred thousand yuan under the welding machineBut that being said, not to say that Taobao's small portable welding machine can not buy, think of cost-effectiveIf you just weld, or remodel an iron flower rack, use it at home and buy a small, hundreds of dollars welding machineOr, as a professional welding learning, you can buy a try a hand,Taobao welding machine. Purchasing experienceSingle edition (single chip circuit) welding machine. This kind of big manufacturers of goods more stableMulti plate welding machine, front and rear, up and down the separation of the plate composed of. Better structure. Good heat dissipation. Easy maintenanceIf you buy the brand in the brand name, do not buy the first, try to choose the welding machine with multi plate structure,Moreover, the power and output of Taobao multi welding machine are virtualIf you really want to buy a portable, single edition, try to buy a larger brandIf you don't consider is inferior.
Q:Which is the best welding torch for argon arc welding machine?
It's a good idea. Judging by weight, the quality is very effective for this kind of conductive material. We recommend Daewoo welding equipment. The design is reasonable in price and the price is higher
Q:What about the current of argon arc welding machine is too small?
There are two problems. One is that the current potentiometer is out of order, and the other is your motherboard. If the line is not in good contact, the problem will occur
Q:What are the characteristics of rotary DC arc welding machine?
The machine is composed of engine (diesel or gasoline generator (drive), single-phase or three-phase AC arc welder,) and composition, is a set of power generation, power supply and power as an independent power system, can be used as a generator, and can be used as a welding machine, which is called generating welding machine.
Q:Which is good for mould argon arc welding machine Ws and TIG?
WS and TIG are tungsten inert gas welding, welding die workpiece are generally relatively thick, suggest to buy machine output current of more than 400A, IGBT welding module, IGBT tube, field effect transistor (MOS) module, IGBT machine best but the price is high,IGBT single tube and field effect tube (MOS) prices are similar, cheaper, maintenance costs are low.
Q:What accessories does argon arc welding machine need?
Welding torch (tungsten pole, tungsten pole chuck, tungsten electrode press cap, ceramic nozzle), earth wire, welding mask, etc..
Q:How is the direct connection and reverse connection of the direct current arc welding machine? On what occasions are they used?
By using the direct current connection method, the workpiece is connected to the anode. Because the temperature in the anode zone is higher than that in the cathode zone, the workpiece is deep melted and the welding rod melts slowly. It is suitable for welding the workpiece with thicker thickness.When the DC reverse connection is used, the welding rod meets the anode, and the welding rod melts faster, while the workpiece has a lower melting depth. This method of arc is relatively stable, and it is difficult to generate hydrogen pores. Suitable for welding thin steel plate, nonferrous metal, stainless steel, surfacing welding and welding of basic welding rod.
Q:Reallink argon arc welding machine is really easy to use, how about the quality?
Reallink argon arc welding machine is MOS as the general quality, delay time of gas probably at about 2s,
Q:What's the price of argon arc welding machine?
Argon arc welding machine has DC, pulse, AC and other types, the size of the market has a small general argon arc welding machine 700-1000 yuan
Q:What effect the quality of Andre micro argon arc welding machine?
Can check on Baidu, mainly to see how word-of-mouth?,

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