Large capacity 10000mah solar power bank for smartphone

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1.Portable power supply, easy to carry
2. High Quality
3. Low price

Solar portable power bank

1.The perfect charger that use the power of the sun.
2.Great for traveling and on the go.
3.Ultra-slim, compact take-anywhere design.
4.High-powered 3000mAh Lithium-ion Battery.
5.Small size and various colors


1. Safety. It has mulriple circuit protection sysytem, can avoid overcharge, over discharging, short circuit, etc.

2. Popular. Fashional design, nice appearance, elegant , colorful, easy to carry and use,  it is popular in young and eld.

3. High capacity.  It will be able to fully charge your smart phone many times.

4. High quality.  All our products would be strictly tested before the dilivery!

5. Environmentally friendly.  Power efficiency > 80% ,more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

6.Wide using range.Can work with many kinds of electronic products intelligently, as cellphone, pad ,Mp3, Mp4, etc.

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