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1, special designed for all iPhone versions, all iPod & iPod Touch versions, Motorola / HTC Android Phones, Blackberry, Kindle DX, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP & many others;

2, High quality 18650 battery, over 500 times life cycle;

3, Uilt-in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current;

4, Smart capacity display, multiple protection, safe and high efficiency;

5, Clear & simple design, mobile and portable;

Package details:

1. Power Bank X1
2. Power DC Cable X1
3. DC connector X4
4. Beautiful and fashionable gift package

1 Slim and easy to carry;
2. High capacity, rechargeable, and universal power pack;
3. Keep talking and keep playing longer;
4. LED indicators show battery's real time capacity;
5. Elegant and executive designed make it looks fashionable and smart;
6. Flexible recharging of power pack via notebook USB port or wall adapter with USB charging cable;
7. Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety: Protection for overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit;
8. Universal for mobile phone and other digital products;

product photo

High Quality Most Popular USB Mobile Charger (WS-PA005)High Quality Most Popular USB Mobile Charger (WS-PA005)High Quality Most Popular USB Mobile Charger (WS-PA005)

power efficiency: 85-90%
operating temperature: -10c - 50c
storage temperature -20c-50c
safety protection OVP,ODP,OCP,SCP
support MIC usb,iphone charging cable
application : phone,ipad,ipod,mp3,mp4,PSP,digital camera etc
protection function with short circuit,overcharge,discharge protection

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Q:How does the mobile power work?
When the use of mobile power for mobile phones and other electronic products, digital equipment charging, the internal inverter output circuit board to the lithium battery voltage increased to 5.0V DC voltage output,
First,You need to know the power factor or power factor correction for your project. Then you can calculate the value of the capacitor bank. As you know , Cos phi, powerfactor, R/z
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Q:Amp to power Power Acoustik P3's?
I can't help you on the quality of the speakers. But if you put in speakers that can not handle all the power the amp can put out be care full not to turn the radio up all the way. just because the amp is rated at that power rating it is only putting that out at full power or before distortion ruins the sound quality reproduction of the speakers. do no thry to put a potenetionmeter (variable resistor) in series with the speakers, you'll change the resistance and mess up the balance of the resistance of the circuit.
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cold air intake, egr cooler delete kit, 4-5 inch exhaust. banks makes one hell of an exhaust, intercooler upgrade, and air intake system. bolted up to your tuner you could get some ridiculous horsepower and torque
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Yes, it is. All circuits contain some degree of inductance and capacitance in addition to resistance. In a normal circuit, on alternate half cycles, the inductance and capacitance take and return power to the source. They are called reactive loads. (Of course, if you are charging a capacitor bank, they only take power until you are ready to use it.) Resistance only takes power and can usually be thought of as the actual work being done. That power is called various names but the consistent denominator in them is a reference to actuality or activeness. It is measured in watts while reactive power is measured in volt-amps (and, as that implies, includes the true power as well as the moving back and forth power). However, reactive power (and current) is physically real even if not thought of that way and circuits have to be designed to carry it back and forth, not just with the true power in mind.
Q:Charging a battery bank with a car alternator?
Yes and No. The alternator in your vehicle produces a max of 13.5 volts when functioning properly. A typical battery charger will produce up to 15 volts. The inverter in your charger will also produce 15 volts. Interesting enough 12V solar panels actually produce between 16 and 18 volts. The car alternator will provide charging output to the batteries but you would have to run the vehicle for a long to time to get much of a charge. Also, with the car alternator, you don't have any way to properly control the rate of charge. You can seriously damage your batteries if you don't charge them properly. I've messed up several during my learning curve. You're much better off buying a small generator and charging the batteries properly with the generator during a power outage. So in summary, yes, you can charge them with the jumper cables in a pinch but you won't get a full charge and you need to be extra careful and make sure to hook the cables up to the proper terminals on the battery bank. This should only be done in an emergency and with the understanding that you're running the risk of damaging your batteries. I hope this helps you, Patty

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