New Arrival Portable Multifunctional Power Bank for Car Promotional Gift

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1. New Car Charger Design, ABS Casing
2. A Grade Li-ion 18490 battery
3. Fit for any USB devices
4. Multiple Circuit Protection

New Arrival Portable Multifunctional Power Bank for Car Promotional GiftNew Arrival Portable Multifunctional Power Bank for Car Promotional GiftNew Arrival Portable Multifunctional Power Bank for Car Promotional Gift

1.Do not use in the extreme heat.
2.The powerbank should be charged at least one time within 3 months.
3.Please store the powerbank in cool&dry places.
4.Keep away from corrosive material, fire&heat (eg, sunlight)
5.In case of electrolytic liquid leakage on skin or clothes pleasewash with clean water, otherwise it will carse skin inflammation.

Sample delivery:
1.Ordinary: 2-3 days. Sample with logo: 3-4 days.
2.Sample cost and shipping cost should be paid by the buyer.  

Shipping Way:
1.We could arrange it by Air or Ocean Shipping based on your requirement
2.We use express as well, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS, TNT, and so on.
3.The arrival time depends on different factors and areas.

Payment terms:
All payments must be pre-paid. We accept T/T ; PayPal ; Western union. Usually the payment is FOB Shenzhen and 30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery.
NOTICE: Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

Warranty & After-sale service:
1.All of our products have 1 year warranty
2.Artificial damage is excepted.
3.Beyond the warranty period, if we still in cooperation, we can pay the cost of repairmen if it still can be repaired.
4.For reducing the cost of our customers, we can supply the materials or technology support to them, help them to fix the problems in their hands.

Welcome to contact us for further details of our factory and products.
Welcome OEM/ODM orders!
Actual Capacity1500mAh
Cell TypeClass A Li-ion 18490 battery
InputDC 5.0V-500mA
OutputDC 5.0V-600mA
Cycle Life≥ 800 times
Size (L x W x H)86*56*5mm
Operating Temperature-5~45°C
Storage Temperature20~35°C
ApplicationAll USB interface charging digital products

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