If someone has power of attorney, does that give them the right to claim anything belonging to the grantee or close out there bank account??
claim anything is pretty odd wording. You can't steal something. Close out a bank account?...
i have an assignment for tomorrow. I have to write an argument about the pros and cons of nuclear power plants/energy. Does anyone have some strong pros and cons? Btw i'm in highschool :) so not to advanced language ;)
You wouldn't think it from the propaganda, but nuclear is the safest form of power generat...
Among the Four Tigers, which has emerged as the largest industrial power?A. Hong Kong B. Taiwan C. Singapore D. South Korea
This is just a guess but it's pretty close between A and B...
Hey All, So my family has been having trouble concerning my grandmother and grandfather and their possessions. They have both been placed in a nursing home, and at this point both are not both there.in non-scientific terms. But, a few months ago before their state deteriorated, my mother typed up a document that stated she would be in charge of their bank card, vehicle, etc. She had it signed by my grandmother, signed by a witness, and notarized. Is that considered official document making her the power of attorney? If so, does that mean anything listed in that document is now her responsibility? Thanks
A power of attorney is permission for your mother to act just as your grandmother would ac...
Hello-I am in the process of buying a house that was repossesed from the bank The house has no power to it and the water system is currently winterized That means I can't tell if the furnace is OK, I can't tell if the well has water in it or if the water system is OK, I can't tell if the septic system is OK either WHat can I do to make sure I an not buying more headaches than I know what to do with? It is a beautiful house that needs a little TLC and it will be perfect, but I am a bit leary of these three main items ANy help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. The house is located in Northern Ma and right now it's a steal, but If I need a new well, septic, furnace it will be a giant money pit. Thanks for your input.
Get a home inspection and find out from the bank if you can get the electricity turned on ...
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